Degree Requirements

MBA Program Outline

Required Core*  30
Professional Responsibility 1.5
Elective Courses 19.5
Total 51 credits
*The Required Core consists of: COR1-GB.1302 Leadership in Organizations (3); COR1-GB.1303 Firms & Markets (3); COR1-GB.1305 Statistics & Data Analysis (3); COR1-GB.1306 Financial Accounting & Reporting (3); COR1-GB.2103 Strategy I (1.5); COR1-GB.2104 Strategy II (1.5); COR1-GB.2303 The Global Economy (3); COR1-GB.2310 Marketing (3); COR1-GB.2311 Foundations of Finance (3); COR1-GB.2314 Operations Management (3); MCOM-GB.2105 Business Communication (1.5); and MGMT-GB.2159 Collaboration, Conflict & Negotiation (1.5).

DDS Program Outline

D1 Curriculum 47
D2 Curriculum  57
D3 Curriculum 44
D4 Curriculum 36
Total 184 credits
Sample Program Sequence - Summary
Year Fall Spring
First Year D1 Curriculum D1 Curriculum
Second Year D2 Curriculum D2 Curriculum
Third Year MBA Required Core (15 credits) MBA Required Core & Electives (18 credits)
Fourth Year D3 Curriculum & MBA credits* D3 Curriculum & MBA credits *
Fifth Year D4 Curriculum & MBA credits* D4 Curriculum & MBA credits*

* During Years Four and Five, students will have 18 credits to complete at Stern in order to finish the MBA portion of their degree. This will include 1.5 credits of Professional Responsibility. Students may schedule their remaining credits according to their availability.