Online/Modular Option

The Online/Modular option allows students to complete the entire MBA program via a combination of online courses and hybrid modules. Each module takes place over five weeks and includes one week on campus. This is not an online MBA, but rather a hybrid approach that combines some online learning with in-person courses taught on campus in NYC.

First, students complete the core curriculum entirely through online courses (about half of the program) after the opening hybrid Business Communications course, featuring sessions during Langone LAB (orientation). Second, students may finish the elective portion of the degree through a combination of the following:

  • Condensed modules with two weeks of asynchronous online work before and after a one-week period of in-person classes on campus in NYC
  • Regular in-person courses on weeknights or Saturdays in NYC
  • A selection of online elective courses

Please note that at least 9 elective credits must be completed in person through modules, traditional on-campus courses, or travel programs.

Online core courses: 

Your online core courses are delivered “live” (synchronously). Each class meeting is two hours on Zoom to give you real-time interaction with your professors and classmates. You will learn the remaining course content through videos, exercises, readings, and other activities which can be completed when it suits your schedule (asynchronously). 

Most of your core courses are scheduled for weeknights from 7:00 – 9:00 PM ET. Others are offered on an intensive schedule, which includes some weekend days, in January, late August, and early September. This approach means we are able to start classes later (our in-person courses run 6:00 - 9:00 PM), a benefit for students in earlier time zones and those whose busy work schedules require longer hours. It also means less time on Zoom and more learning at your own pace. 

(Please note that we are in the process of migrating online classes to the two-hour meeting schedule. The core designed for you will meet on that schedule. However, when you are ready to take electives some may be held 6:00 - 9:00 PM ET.)

Modules with NYC Immersion 

Each five-week module has a specific business theme and includes one week of in-person classes on the NYU campus. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject, get to know your classmates in person, do some networking, spend time on campus and in New York City, and earn 4.5 credits. The in-person component of each module is a full-time experience.

Most modules integrate three 1.5-credit courses, organized around an important business theme or subject. Two weeks before you come to campus, your module courses will begin online with asynchronous content and assignments (individual and group) to complete by deadlines set by the faculty. The in-person classes meet Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM each day. After class, there will often be homework, but you will also have time to socialize and explore. Following the week on campus, there are two more weeks of asynchronous work before the module ends. 

Students must enroll in the entire module and take all module courses.

In 2024, we plan to offer five modules – Jan/Feb, March, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, and Aug/Sep. The following are the module topics tentatively planned:

  • Analytics for Decision-Making
  • Sustainable Business
  • Leadership
  • Finance in the Corporation
  • Managing Brands

Students are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and meals during modules.  NYU Stern does not provide housing or meals during modules.

View this short video for a quick overview of how the Hybrid Modules work.

Online/Modular Elective Options

Students in the Online/Modular option may complete their electives through a combination of the following choices:

Modules: Immersive modules with two weeks of asynchronous online work before and after one week of in-person courses on campus in NYC.

Regular in-person classes: Online/Modular students who live in the area have the option to attend regular in-person elective courses on weeknights and/or Saturdays in NYC, as well as international study and experiential learning courses. Up to 4.5 credits of Doing Business in (DBi) international courses can count towards the 9-credit in-person elective requirement.

Online electives: A selection of many of our most popular elective courses is offered online. Like the online core courses, electives are taught “live” mostly on weeknights from 7:00 – 9:00 PM. There is also a selection on Saturdays and during the winter and summer intensive periods. 

Below are the elective courses we expect to offer online in 2023-2024. Please note that they will not be available online every semester and the list will change over time.

Management & Strategy

  • Biotechnology Industry, Structure, & Strategy
  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Global Strategy
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Managing Change Managing the Growing Company
  • Power & Politics in Organizations
  • Strategic Design Technology
  • Innovation Strategy
  • The Strategist

Finance, Economics, & Accounting

  • Applications in Entrepreneurial Finance: Fintech
  • Behavioral Economics: Decisions & Strategies
  • Corporate Finance
  • Credit Risk & Bankruptcy
  • Health & Medical Care Business
  • International Finance - International Investments Analysis
  • Managing Climate, Cyber, Geopolitical, Pandemic, & Financial Risks
  • Modeling Financial Statements
  • Project Finance & Infrastructure Investment
  • Real Estate Capital Markets
  • Sports Economics
  • The Financial Services Industry
  • Topics in Private Equity Finance
  • Valuation
  • Venture Capital Financing

Business & Society

  • Driving Market Solutions for Clean Energy
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Sustainability for Competitive Advantage
  • Work, Wisdom, & Happiness


  • Brand Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Data Driven Decision Making: Managerial
  • Entertainment & Media Industries
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • Pricing

Technology & Operations

  • Data Science for Business: Managerial
  • Databases for Business Analytics
  • Dealing With Data
  • Decision Models & Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Digital Strategy
  • Programming in Python & Fundamentals of Software Development

As online elective offerings and modules are evolving, not all specializations will be available to Online/Modular students without taking some elective courses in person in NYC. However, we anticipate that several of the most popular specializations will be possible via a combination of online courses and modules.
These specializations are likely to include Strategy, Leadership & Change Management, Management, Finance, Marketing, Brand Management, Business Analytics, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Program Details

  • Langone LAB is a mandatory high-impact introduction to the Langone MBA program and includes three days in person in New York City. Langone Lab includes an orientation to the Langone program as well as required in-person sessions for the 1.5-credit core course in Business Communication. Students are responsible for any transportation and/or accommodation needed to attend Langone LAB. If for any reason you feel it would be inordinately difficult to attend LAB in person in NYC, you may contact the Office of Student Engagement to discuss whether alternatives are available.
  • As a student in the Online/Modular option, you are placed in a cohort (Block) with other Online/Modular students, typically 50-60 students, all of whom take most core classes together.
  • After your first two semesters, you may continue to take core classes online or also take in-person classes on weeknights or Saturdays as best fits your schedule. It is also possible to switch program options to in-person Weeknights, Saturdays, or Accelerated.
  • Classes are offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters and during intensive periods in January and early Fall.
  • Fall and Spring courses are typically about 12 weeks long; each class meets once per week.
  • Summer is divided into two six-week semesters; each class meets twice per week.
  • Courses held during intensive periods (January and early Fall) provide the opportunity to earn 1.5 or 3 credits at a faster pace and are usually offered on a combination of weeknight and weekend days. Please note that intensive courses are not the same as modules and some are only offered in person.
  • Faculty members may host office hours or they may meet with students on request. Many record videos of their classes and make them available for review.

Please note: 

  • Langone Part-Time MBA students must satisfy the Leadership in Organizations requirement in their first semester in the program. There will not be an opportunity to take this course after the first semester.
  • Langone Part-Time MBA students are not permitted to register for electives during their first two semesters in the MBA program. Any basic core course in which a student establishes proficiency must be replaced by a Stern core course.
  • Most electives have core courses as pre- or co-requisites. If you wish to take an elective for which a certain core course is a pre- or co-requisite, you will need to complete or establish proficiency in that core course.
  • At least 9 credits of elective courses must be completed in person. In addition, students must be in NYC for the in-person meetings of the 1.5-credit Business Communication course during Langone LAB.

Program Offering Change
In addition to the Online/Modular Option, the Part-time MBA program has three other scheduling options: Weeknights Option, Saturday Option and Accelerated Two-Year Option. After your first two semesters, it is possible to switch program options to in person Weeknights, Saturdays or Accelerated.

In Advance Of Starting Your First Term

In advance of starting your first term, we strongly recommend that you become familiar with R as it will be used in your online core Statistics & Data Analysis course in your first semester.  

R is an open source language and environment for statistical computing, data mining, modeling, and data graphics. It provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques such as linear and non-linear modeling, statistical tests, time series analysis, classification, and clustering.

R is one of the most used business analytics tools. For example, Facebook uses R for behavior analysis related to status updates and profile pictures. Google uses it to analyze advertising effectiveness and economic forecasting. Twitter leverages R for data visualization and semantic clustering. In a recent data science salary survey conducted by O'Reilly, R was ranked second in a category of programming languages for data science.

Students who do not already know how to program in R have three options for approaching the Statistics & Data Analysis core course:

  1. Use code provided by the instructor. You will learn little about programming, but will be able to do the assignments.
  2. Take Stern's self-paced R for Data course and learn the basics of R programming for data analysis.  You may participate in this course by signing up for it when you register for courses.
  3. Gain general proficiency in R programming by taking a course elsewhere. Make sure it includes these topics:
    • Using RStudio
    • Using R to compute binomial and normal probabilities
    • Using R for simple regression