Business Writing Proficiency

  1. Earning a score of 4.0 or better on the analytical writing component (AWA) of a valid GMAT or GRE exam reviewed by the Office of MBA Admissions**,
  2. Showing proof of having taken and passed an approved business writing course after the GMAT or GRE test date, or
  3. Passing a non-credit online Business Writing Workshop at Stern before the end of the first semester for Full-time students and before the end of the first year for Langone Part-time MBA students.
*JD/MBA students are waived from the Business Writing Proficiency Requirement by merit of having demonstrated the necessary writing skills through successfully completing the first two years of the intensely written nature of the JD curriculum.

**MD/MBA students who have achieved a rating of P or better on the Writing Section (WS) of the MCAT will have satisfied the Business Writing Proficiency Requirement. 
Because writing skills are vital to success in business, students must demonstrate proficiency in business writing within their first year in the program. 
Students who did not demonstrate business writing proficiency on the GMAT or GRE and who have not shown proof of having taken and passed an approved business writing course after taking the GMAT must satisfactorily complete a four-week, online non-credit workshop in Business Writing (NOCR-GB.2099).   These workshops are graded Pass/Fail.  A passing grade fulfills Stern's requirement to show proficiency in business writing.  Writing workshops have a maximum enrollment of 15 students and offer individualized attention, enabling students to refine their business writing skills.  
Students will automatically be registered for the workshop if it is determined necessary, based on the above criteria.  A non-refundable $400 fee will be charged for the Business Writing Workshop.  Students who have been enrolled in the workshop but believe they have satisfied the proficiency requirement should contact Academic Affairs and Advising as soon as possible.
Students who do not satisfy this requirement within the allotted time will be placed on academic "hold", which will prevent them from being able to register for courses the following semester. Students will not be permitted to graduate without satisfying this requirement.  Students who have been enrolled in the workshop but do not pass will be re-enrolled in the workshop and will be charged an additional non-refundable fee.