Graduation Requirements

Students must graduate the semester that they earn 60 credits and fulfill their degree requirements. 

Semester in Which Degree
Requirements are Completed
Graduation Date on Transcript
Fall term January graduate
Spring term (which includes Winter Intensive) May graduate
Summer term (which includes Summer Intensive) September graduate

To be considered eligible for graduation, all students must fulfill the following requirements.

Application for Degree Candidacy

Full-time MBA Candidates

All MBA and MS students planning to graduate must file an Application for Degree Form with the Office of Records and Registration. Ph.D. candidates should file their application with the Doctoral Office.

Langone Part-time MBA Candidates

Langone Part-time MBA Candidates who wish to have their employers notified of their graduation should file an Employer Notification of Graduation Request Form with the Office of Records and Registration along with their Application for Degree Form.

Business Writing Requirement

All MBA degree candidates must satisfy the Business Writing Proficiency requirement in order to qualify for graduation.

Continuous Matriculation

All degree and certificate candidates must maintain continuous matriculation during their entire program. This is normally done by completing relevant course work during each Fall and Spring semester. Students in good standing who are making satisfactory progress towards completion of their program but must be away for a Fall and/or Spring semester must request a Leave of Absence and maintain matriculation by paying a fee. Ph.D. candidates must receive approval from the Doctoral Office in order to maintain matriculation by fee.

Also, students permitted to complete a portion of their program at another accredited university must pay the matriculation fee for each Fall and/or Spring semester they are away from Stern.

Incomplete Grades

All courses with incomplete grades (IP or IF) must be completed in order for a degree candidate to be eligible for graduation. For students graduating in May, all courses with incomplete grades must be completed and graded by the first Friday of May. For students graduating in January or September, all courses with incomplete grades must be completed and graded by the third Monday of the month in which they filed to graduate (ie: January or September).

Incompletes not made up by this deadline will lapse to N in the case of an IP (Incomplete Passing) and F in the case of an IF (Incomplete Failing).

Semester and Short-term Summer Study Abroad Courses

All candidates for graduation must have their study abroad transcripts submitted to the Office of Records and Registration by the second Friday of the month in which they plan to graduate. Stern students who participate in study abroad programs must receive passing grades in their courses at the partner school in order to receive academic credit at Stern. The course is recorded as a "P" for Pass on the Stern transcript.  The passing grade received abroad is not factored into the Stern GPA.  

Scholastic Requirements

All MBA candidates must have a minimum grade point average of 2.5 in order to graduate.

Transfer Credits

Candidates for graduation who are granted permission to complete a portion of their program at another accredited institution must have their transcript forwarded to the Office of Records and Registration by the second Friday of the month in which they plan to graduate. They must receive grades of B or better in the approved courses in order to receive transfer credit. Those who are away from Stern for a Fall and/or Spring semester must maintain matriculation by paying the appropriate fee.

Tuition and Fees

All financial obligations (including tuition and fees, library fines and books, housing charges) must be met before a student will be allowed to graduate. In addition, the University reserves the right to withhold all information regarding the record of any student in arrears in paying tuition, fees, loans, or other charges.