Tailored to Technology

Graduate with a focus in technology, through coursework and experiential learning projects that are built into the 51-credit curriculum. The program combines a lock-step core with flexibility in choosing electives, running from May to May.


The curriculum has major components: 
  1. The Business core
  2. The Technology Core
  3. Stern Solutions (Experiential Learning)
  4. Industry Immersion 
  5. Elective courses
Below find a list of sample courses designed to deepen your foundation in business and expand your knowledge of tech:

Business Core
The business core builds broad knowledge in fundamental areas of business.
Leadership Corporate Finance
Economics Accounting
Marketing Strategy 
Business Communication  Professional Responsibility 

Tech Core
Designed and delivered in partnership with the Department of Computer Science at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the tech core brings tailored coursework for a career in Tech. 
Technical Product Management Emerging Technologies
Dealing with Data DevOps and Software Engineering**
Tech Evolution & Economics Business Analytics 
Foundations of Networks and Mobile Systems**  Entrepreneurship
*Please note that Business Core and Tech Core courses are subject to change.
** In partnership with Courant

Course spotlight: Business Analytics
Businesses governments and individuals create massive collections of data as a byproduct of their activity. Increasingly data is analyzed systematically to improve decision making. We will examine how data analytics technologies are used to improve decision making. We will study the fundamental principles and techniques of mining data and we will examine real world examples and cases to place data mining techniques in context to improve your data analytic thinking and to illustrate that proper application is as much an art as it is a science.  

Stern Solutions
Tapping into NYU Stern's location in the heart of the global business ecosystem, Stern Solutions brings students and faculty together with industry leading companies to solve real business challenges in real time. Students in the Andre Koo Tech MBA program will work on projects each semester alongside their core coursework. Projects are required, for credit, and provide students with the opportunity to solve a range of real-world problems at the intersection of tech and business. Projects are conducted in partnership with Tech MBA Advisory Board companies in addition to other top names in tech.

Industry Immersion
Over two weeks in January, students will travel to the Seattle and Silicon Valley for a unique opportunity to learn, network, and explore the west coast tech ecosystem. Academically, the connecting thread of this immersion will be a high impact project with a local Silicon Valley tech company.

Elective Courses
Tech MBA students have the opportunity to take 10.5 credits in their elective classes. Students can select to pursue electives in their functional area, or take courses in areas of interest.

Program at a Glance

The Andre Koo Tech MBA is one year, running from May to May.
Students earn 51 credits to graduate with an MBA focused in technology.
  Summer Fall Winter Spring
Business Core
12.75 credits
Economics, Communication,
Marketing, Strategy,
Accounting, Finance, Leadership
--   Professional Responsibility
Tech Core
16.5 credits
Dealing with Data,
Foundations of Networks and Mobile Systems**,
Business Analytics,
Technical Product Management 
Tech Evolution & Economics Dev Ops and Software Engineering**,
Emerging Technologies 
Stern Solutions
11.25 credits 
NYC Immersion
Tech Solutions
Industry Immersion Venture Launch
10.5 credits
-- 4.5 -- 6.0
Total Semester Credits 18.0 15.0 3.0 15.0
** In Partnership with the Department of Computer Science at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Faculty Spotlight

The Internet of Things

From Moore's Law to examples of smart, connected devices, to drastic implications for supply chain efficiency, Professor Anindya Ghose provides an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) and what you need to know about it to prepare for a more connected reality.

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