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Experiential Learning

Leveraging our unrivaled location, the Office of Student Engagement facilitates opportunities to solve real-world business problems.

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Tech & the City

Immerse yourself in a successful early-stage technology company in NYC. You'll study the founding vision, the value creation model and funding path, and assess how the company's metrics are connected to its growth and priorities.
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Consulting Lab: Branding + Innovation

Work in partnership with a company to solve their most critical branding challenges. You'll learn global branding frameworks and concepts, as well as valuable consulting skills, including managing complex projects, enhancing team dynamics, building client relationships and optimizing presentation skills.
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Endless Frontier Labs

Craft your company's vision with mentorship from business leaders, serial entrepreneurs, and seasoned executives. The Endless Frontier Lab is a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science-based companies.
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Board Fellows Program

The NYU Stern Board Fellows Program provides MBA students with the opportunity to learn more about what it is like to be on the board of a non-profit. Students work New York City-based nonprofit organizations to complete a strategic governance project for the board while attending their board meetings and working with board/organizational liaisons.

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Investment Funds

Gain real-world experience in analysis and portfolio management through the Michael Price Student Investment Fund and the NYU Impact Investment Fund (NIIF).

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Additional Courses & Projects

Put your business skills to the test by solving real world problems across diverse industries. Highlights include: Stern Consulting Corps, Stern Signature Projects, and Fintech Experiential Learning.

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MBASchooled Podcast: Experiential Learning at NYU Stern

Listen to an in-depth podcast with Stern's Executive Director of Student Engagement, Bryan Ramos. Bryan discusses Stern's unique model of experiential learning and how it encourages immersion, acting and reflecting.


eric bauer

Eric Bauer, MBA 2020

"The Stern Consulting Corps was a great way to gain consulting experience before heading into my summer internship, and I truly feel as though it gave me a leg up when I arrived on day one and was expected to hit the ground running."

Gabriel Ng, MBA/MPA 2019

"Looking back, there is no doubt in my mind that the experience and skills I gained by working with NIIF helped me get [the job I have now] ... not least by giving me plenty of things to talk about in my interview!"

Connie Meltzer, MBA 2020

"SIIF helps fund MBAs who want to work at a social good organization for their summer internship and beyond. The SIIF Fellowship has allowed me to work at the intersection of nonprofit organizations and the corporate world."