Dual Degree Program with HEC School of Management

Program Overview
NYU Stern and HEC School of Management, Jouy-en-Josas, France (HEC) offer a dual MBA program, providing students with the rare opportunity to benefit from the business excellence and extensive networks of both institutions. The dual degree provides solid business training in an international environment by building on each institution’s excellence in management education. Successful graduates will be awarded MBA degrees from both NYU Stern and HEC.

Participants may begin at either institution. Those beginning in the full-time NYU Stern MBA program will complete the required Stern Core and Menu Core at NYU during their first year of study. They will then complete their second year at HEC. Conversely, those beginning in the HEC program will enter directly into second year electives at NYU Stern.  During the Personalized Phase/Electives, dual degree participants will follow the same course structure, and are expected to carry a full course load.

Option 1: Starting at NYU Stern

NYU Stern
September - May
NYU Stern
Summer period
HEC Paris
September - April
HEC Paris
May - July, optional
Fall and Spring semesters, First year Core Internship Personalized Phase Additional Personalized Period

Option 2: Starting at HEC Paris

HEC Paris
September - April
NYU Stern
September - May
Complete Core Phase Fall and Spring semesters, Second year electives

Option 3: Starting at HEC Paris

HEC Paris
January - July
NYU Stern
September - May
Complete Core Phase Fall and Spring semesters, Second year electives

Each school retains control over admission to their school. There is no obligation to accept a student from the partner school.  Each school follows their own dates for admission.

Stern to HEC Admissions  

First year Stern MBA students interested in attending HEC in their second year should apply to HEC following the Admissions Schedule for the Full-Time programThe HEC dual degree application closes the April prior to Fall enrollment. Applications to HEC are submitted electronically only. Once an online account has been created and the application submitted, information concerning the application status and decisions are posted to the account for review by the candidate.

To be eligible to participate, a student must be in the Full-time MBA program at Stern.  They must complete their first year at Stern, including all of their core requirements and a minimum of 30 credits at Stern, before beginning the personalized phase of the HEC program in the Fall.  Waiving core courses or courses completed at other divisions or other AACSB schools do not count as Stern credits. 

Stern students must complete all core requirements.


The admissions criteria for NYU Stern students is the same as that used to admit applicants during the regular admission cycle:

  1. Completed application form, including essays
  2. Official GMAT results
  3. Official undergraduate/graduate transcripts
  4. Transcripts of NYU Stern courses undertaken
  5. 2 letters of recommendation
  6. Letter of introduction from Stern
  7. Interviews
  8. Degree conferral/diploma from UG (or any other degrees - Masters, etc)
  9. Application fees will be waived upon request by the candidate

Student Status 

As newly admitted HEC degree students, NYU Stern students receive the same admissions considerations, processes and services that are provided to the entering intake, including access to on-campus accommodations, processing of carte de séjour and arrival services.

Upon acceptance, dual-degree students assume full student status of the new school with all related rights, responsibilities, and access.

Tuition and Fees

NYU Stern students pay the same Full-time student tuition and fees to HEC as would a Full-time HEC student. Tuition rates may be found at The HEC MBA Fees Webpage.

Once accepted to the program, the admitted NYU Stern student is expected to confirm acceptance by making a non-refundable tuition payment of 6000 € within one month of receiving notice of admission.

Financial Aid

NYU Stern students who attend HEC in their second year will not be eligible for the same financial aid programs that they receive at Stern. In addition, NYU Stern students who receive 2-year scholarship awards cannot use their scholarship funds at HEC. However, students are able to apply for Federal Stafford loans through HEC.

Students should contact HEC directly regarding any available HEC need-based and merit-based scholarships. 

Stern to HEC

Before Arrival

HEC Student Affairs will provide pertinent information to incoming students with timelines for getting settled into HEC.  The information will include registration, housing, tuition payment details, and information pertaining to administrative processes.  This information is provided via a dedicated website, but may also be emailed to the NYU Stern students on or around the time of admittance notification.  Additional information is sent via the mail.

After Arrival

Dual degree students from NYU Stern may enroll in the intensive French language course offered to incoming first-year MBA students at HEC. The program generally begins in early August. Dual degree students participate in the orientation and advising sessions offered to incoming first year and exchange students.

Specialization Credit

Stern students may apply a maximum of 6 credits of internationally-oriented electives taken abroad toward the 9-credit Global Business specialization.  The remaining 3 credits must be completed at Stern before beginning the HEC phase of the program.  All other Specializations must be completed within the first year at Stern.

HEC to Stern

Academic Affairs and Advising will work with incoming HEC students to provide them with the information necessary for their year at Stern. They will host an HEC student orientation and provide them information regarding course registration. Academic Affairs and Advising will monitor the program progress and degree requirements for HEC students throughout their year at Stern. 

Career Services

Stern to HEC

NYU Stern students have full access to all career services offered to MBA participants at HEC. Upon arrival, a meeting with a career counselor will be required.

On-campus recruiting:  NYU Stern students will be included in the second-year on-campus recruiting activities. Activities include but are not limited to corporate presentation, on-campus interviews, access to the corporate databases, job postings, participation in all second year seminars, workshops and conferences and access to online and print career resources through the website (such as guides, interview questions database, and company database).


Dual degree graduates will have access to lifetime resources, benefits, and services available to alumni of the NYU Stern School of Business.

Dual degree graduates will have access to the HEC alumni association. A student rate is offered, and dues are paid annually. The alumni association provides a wide variety of career services and postings, seminars, workshops, and an Alumni Directory.