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About Us

Partnering with MBA students to maximize learning potential.

Academic Affairs and Advising is here to help you envision, manage, and leverage your academics in a changing world. 

Transformational education is both individual and holistic; therefore, we aim to support MBA students by:

  • Providing clear information on the curriculum
  • Offering advisement on course selectionpolicies, and programmatic progression
  • Assisting you in establishing core course proficiency
  • Identifying specialization options
  • Facilitating course selection at other NYU divisions or AACSB-accredited schools
  • Leading strategic learning based programs that enhance the classroom experience
  • Connecting you with wellness resources
  • Partnering across NYU graduate programs to fully support dual degree students

While maintaining the curricular integrity set forth by the faculty, we seek to resolve issues and uphold policy by remaining student-centered advocates focused on the core values of a Stern education.