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Undergraduate | Business Curriculum Overview

Business Curriculum Overview

NYU Stern's BS in Business degree, which the majority of NYU Stern students pursue, provides a strong foundation that spans key business disciplines. You will have the opportunity to specialize in your 4-course concentration(s), and the flexibility to choose from hundreds of liberal arts and elective courses across NYU. 

For those spending their first year at NYU London, you will follow the same rigorous curriculum as your counterparts who begin the BS in Business Program at New York City’s Washington Square campus before you return to NYC to complete the remainder of your degree program. This academic experience is particularly well suited for those who may be interested in pursuing a career in Europe or in international business more broadly. Internships and other professional development opportunities in the United Kingdom will also be possible for many students in the summer following completion of the first year.


The Liberal Arts Core, the cornerstone of the NYU Stern curriculum, is a solid grounding in the liberal arts and sciences. For students in the Business program, the Liberal Arts Core includes five courses designed to hone critical quantitative skills, promote creative and logical thinking, and build reading and writing skills. 

The Business Core provides an introduction to the key business disciplines of accounting, finance, and marketing, as well as an introduction to international business. After completing these business fundamentals, you may choose advanced business courses to complete some of the NYU Stern elective requirements.

The Social Impact Core is a four-course sequence focusing on issues of personal and professional ethics; corporate social responsibility; the role of law in business and commerce; and the interconnections between corporations, markets, cultures, governments, and our global society. Coursework emphasizes writing, debate, and discussion.

University Electives in the liberal arts complete the undergraduate degree requirements. You have the opportunity to pursue elective courses, which can be used to pursue a minor or to sample a wide range of courses that align to professional or personal interests.

Sample 4-Year Curriculum

The following is a sample 4-year curriculum for a typical student pursuing NYU Stern's BS in Business degree. Your personal program would vary depending on your individual interests, such as your concentration(s), minor(s), study abroad option(s), and more, and you would work closely with an academic adviser to help you adjust your courses to meet your academic and personal goals. 

First Year

  • Writing (Liberal Arts Core)
  • Cohort Leadership Program (Business Core)
  • Microeconomics (Business Core)
  • Calculus I or higher level math (Liberal Arts Core)
  • Business & Society (Social Impact Core)
  • Statistics for Business Control & Regression/Forecasting Models (Business Core)
  • Texts & Ideas (Liberal Arts Core)
  • Cultures & Contexts (Liberal Arts Core)
  • Natural Science (Liberal Arts Core)
  • Elective Courses 

Sophomore Year

  • Principles of Financial Accounting (Business Core)
  • Business Core (select 4 of the following):
    • Information Technology in Business & Society
    • Management and Organizations
    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Foundations of Finance
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Operations Management
  • Organizational Communication & Its Social Context (Social Impact Core)
  • Economics of Global Business (Business Core)
  • Elective Courses

Junior Year 

  • Law, Business, & Society (Social Impact Core)
  • Concentration Requirements (Business Core)
  • Elective Courses

Senior Year 

  • Professional Responsibility and Leadership (Social Impact Core)
  • Concentration Requirements (Business Core)
  • Elective Courses
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