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Undergraduate | Our Pillars

Students listening to Dean Whitelaw
NYU Stern Undergraduate College

Our Pillars

These 5 Pillars guide your student experience.

One of the first schools of business in the U.S., NYU Stern welcomed its first class of students in 1900 and quickly established itself as a leader and an innovator of undergraduate business education. Today, NYU Stern’s undergraduate community is vibrant, successful, and proud—our amazing students and alumni are as diverse and dynamic as the city we call home. These 5 Pillars will guide your experience at NYU Stern Undergraduate College.


We take pride in our well-rounded education and approach our academics with honesty and integrity.

Social Impact

We’re eager to use business to create a positive impact, and we take this responsibility seriously.


We seize opportunities to expand our perspectives and serve as global ambassadors.


We act with professionalism as we explore our interests and shape our futures.


We support each other and foster an inclusive community where everyone can grow and excel.

You are a part of a community of NYU Stern faculty, students, and staff who stand by the pillars.


Robert Whitelaw, Dean

Robert Whitelaw, Dean Undergraduate College

“You’ve got to be open. Open to learning, open to discovery, open to changing your mind. Be truthful about what you don’t know and approach your learning with honesty and integrity. This is what allows you to be ready for the limitless opportunities ahead."

Tensie Whelan, Director for the Center for Sustainable Business
Social Impact

Tensie Whelan, Director Center for Sustainable Business

"Sustainability and social impact are increasingly how business is done. At Stern, you will explore pressing social and environmental issues for business—and identify possible solutions—helping you to contribute to business innovation and to society.”

Sriya Yemireddy

Sriya Yemireddy (BS '25)

"Being able to spend my first year at NYU London gave me the unique opportunity to explore globally fresh out high school. It was amazing to be able to immerse myself in a new culture and learn about business in Europe."

Adam in front of Tisch Hall

Adam Flores (BS/MS '23)

"As an incoming student, exploration was one of my main priorities at Stern. I am honored to have had a menu of classes across different industries such as data science, management, and economics to explore what I liked. Through the availability of diverse classes, I eventually found my career path in accounting."

Deynira Orr (BS '23)

"There are so many ways to become a part of the rich and thriving community at Stern. From meeting new friends in classes to getting involved with clubs on campus, there are so many ways to get involved and meet new Sternies!"