The NYU Stern Street Team at Open House 2017

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The NYU Stern Undergraduate College Street Team is here to help.

The NYU Stern Undergraduate College Street Team is here to help prospective and admitted students and families get to know NYU Stern even better as you’re navigating your college search process. And who better to tell you about the NYU Stern student experience and answer your questions than the students living it? Here’s how prospective and admitted students can connect with the Street Team:
1. At an NYU admissions event
Catch the Street Team giving group tours of Tisch Hall—home of the NYU Stern Undergraduate College—at NYU’s main admissions events (NYU Open House, NYU Parents Day, NYU Weekend on the Square, and NYU Days on the Square) in the fall and spring.

2. At a virtual info session
It’s your chance to get a taste of the NYU Stern experience and get your questions answered in-person from real students…without ever leaving your couch. Register online for an upcoming session.

3. Via email
You can also email to correspond with a student. Please note that the Street Team is currently unable to host one-on-one meetings, or conduct tours outside of the events and virtual info sessions.

4. On social media
You can also connect with them – and keep up with what's happening at NYU Stern – by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Street Team is frequently taking over our social media channels and doing live NYU Stern tours and Q&As for those who cannot make it to an in-person event. 

Aanandi Suri (BS '22)

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Studying: Marketing and Data Science

Originally from India, Aanandi is a part of the TriBeCa Cohort. She is in the BS in Business Program studying Marketing and Computing and Data Science with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. She is a Senior Advisor for the Marketing Society and an Engagement Manager for Consult Your Community. Aanandi loves to cook, try new restaurants, watch tv, travel, and walk/picnic in the park.

Adam Flores (BS/MS '23)

Adam Flores

Studying: Accounting and Sustainable Business

From San Francisco, CA, Adam is part of the Chelsea Cohort. On campus, he's involved with NYU's College Democrats Club, the Academic Achievement Program, and he's also a Social Impact Fellow. Among Adam's many hobbies, he enjoys photography, baking, journaling, and dancing.

Alec Reimon (BS '22)

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Studying: Finance and Data Science

From Rutherford, NJ, Alec is in the Soho cohort. At NYU Stern, Alec is an Orientation Leader, Cohort Leadership Program Guide, and sits on the NYU Stern Judiciary Committee. Alec is also a member of the NYU Men's Varsity Swim Team. Outside school and swimming you can find Alec buying plants at the Union Square Greenmarket or watching his favorite team, Manchester United, play in the English Premier League

Ana Martinez (BS '22)

Ana Martinez

Studying: Marketing, Computing & Data Science

From Cornwall, NY, Ana is in the East Village Cohort.She is a Peer Mentor and an Orientation Leader/ Cohort Leadership Program Guide. Ana says that if she were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring two things, she'd bring a survival kit and a puppy. (Does a puppy count as a thing? We're OK with it.)

Anagha Mahesh (BS '22)

UC Image: Anagha Mahesh Street Team Page Components 1122x1062  (123664)

Studying: Finance and Data Science

From Montgomery, NJ, Anagha is part of the Lower East Side Cohort. On campus, she is involved with NYU Dillagi Bollywood-Fusion Dance Team, OL/CLP Guide, and EmpowerED Consulting. She loves travel, music, reading, and all things food and culture!

Anirudh Sharma (BS '22)

Anirudh Sharma

Studying: Finance, Computing and Data Science

Originally from New Delhi, India, Anirudh is a transfer student. He is involved in Beta Alpha Psi as a Platinum member and is a Workshop Director in Private Equity Group. He is also pursuing an Honors Thesis as part of the Honors Program and is an Investment Banking Peer Mentor next year. Anirudh loves to collect graphic novels, discuss cricket, and watch crime movies.

Anna Dilena (BS/BFA '22)

Anna Dilena

Studying: Finance, Film and Television

From Syosset, NY, Anna is part of the West Village Cohort. Anna is in the dual-degree BS in Business/BFA in Film & Television program with both NYU Stern and NYU Tisch. In addition to being a member of the Stern-Tisch Entertainment Business Association and a Welcome Week leader, Anna loves to draw, write, and play piano in her free time. She also an expert in special FX makeup, a skill she puts to good use on her favorite holiday, Halloween!

Brenda Dany (BS '23)

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Studying: Data Science and Sustainable Business

From Jakarta, Indonesia, Brenda is a part of the Chelsea Cohort. She is concentrating in Marketing and Data Science with a minor in Public Policy and Management. Brenda is involved in the Inter-Club Council, Beta Alpha Psi, and the Stern Program for Undergraduate Research. Outside of school, Brenda enjoys cooking and baking, watching musicals, and sightseeing around the city!

Isabella Perrigo (BPE '23)

Isabella Perrigo

Studying: Undecided

Originally from Wayzata, Minnesota, Isabella is part of the SoHo Cohort. She is currently studying Business and Political Economy with minors in French and Art History. Isabella is also the treasurer of her sorority. In her free time, Isabella likes to listen to true crime podcasts, shop at Trader Joe's , and go to art museums!

Mohamed Taymour (BS '22)

UC Image: MT Street Team Page Components 1122x1062  (123664)

Studying: Finance and Computing & Data Science

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Mohamed is part of the Murray Hill cohort. Mohamed is in the BS in Business program concentrating in Finance and Computing & Data Science. He is involved with Strategic Venture Society, and he enjoys cooking, tennis, soccer and kitesurfing!

Kayla Moore (BS '23)

Kayla Moore

Studying: Marketing and Computing & Data Science

Kayla is from Dallas, TX and is a part of the Chelsea Cohort. She is involved in the Black Student Union. Kayla enjoys writing, listening to music, hiking, swimming, taking dance classes, working out and watching Korean dramas. And she can sing out all of the 50 states of the U.S. in alphabetical order in under a minute!

Joseph Barge (BS '24)

UC Image: Jospeh Barge Street Team Page Components 1122x1062  (123664)

Studying: Finance and Data science

“From Scotch Plains, NJ, Joseph is part of the Gramercy Cohort. He is an active member of Finance Society and the Investment Analysis Group. Among his many hobbies, Joseph loves going on adventures with friends, eating family dinners, and listening to music.

Nicholas McCarten (BS '22)

Nicholas McCartan

Studying: Accounting and Finance

Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Nicholas is part of the Midtown Cohort. He is an active participant in the Stern Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR). Nico enjoys playing tennis, watching TV shows, and travel. He has already traveled to 24 countries so far!

Nitya Patlola (BS/MS '22)

Nitya Patlola

Studying: BS/MS Dual Degree Program in Accounting, Finance, Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology

From Whitehouse Station, NJ, Nitya is part of the Gramercy Cohort. Nitya loves musical theater, playing guitar, and traveling.

Rachel Yeung (BS '24)

UC Image: Rachel Yeung Street Team Page Components 1122x1062  (123664)

Studying: Undecided

From Melbourne, Australia and Hong Kong, Rachel is in the East Village Cohort. She is involved in Beta Alpha Psi and Strategic Venture Society at Stern as well as EmpowerED Consulting and NYU Hyperloop at NYU. She enjoys learning languages and watching micro-documentaries by Vox or Great Big Story.

Sarina Johnson (BS/MS '23)

Sarina Johnson

Studying: Accounting

From Buffalo Grove, IL, Sarina is in the Murray Hill Cohort. She is an active member of NYU Cheerleading Competition Squad, and was involved with Ballet Collaborative, Undergraduate Stern Women in Business (USWIB), and Stern Accounting Society (SAS). Sarina loves gymnastics, dance, Broadway shows and musicals.

Sumantro Banerjee (BS '23)

UC Image: Sumantro Banerjee Street Team Page Components 1122x1062  (123664)

Studying: Data Science

From Sunnyvale, CA, Sumantro is in the FiDi Cohort. At NYU Stern, he's involved in Business Analytics Club (BAC) and The Gould Standard. Sumantro enjoys watching soccer, movies, and Food Network shows. He's also the most nonviolent person to have a black belt in Taekwondo.

Yousef El Emary (BS '22)

Yousef El Emary

Studying: Finance and Sustainability

From Forest Hills, NY, Yousef is in the East Village Cohort. He's involved with the Islamic Finance Group and is a Social Impact Fellow. Yousef enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, and watching the Premier League with friends and family.