The NYU Stern Street Team at Open House 2017

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The NYU Stern Undergraduate College Street Team is here to help.

The NYU Stern Undergraduate College Street Team is here to help prospective and admitted students and families get to know NYU Stern even better as you’re navigating your college search process. And who better to tell you about the NYU Stern student experience and answer your questions than the students living it? Here’s how prospective and admitted students can connect with the Street Team:
1. At an NYU admissions event
Catch the Street Team giving group tours of Tisch Hall—home of the NYU Stern Undergraduate College—at NYU’s main admissions events (NYU Open House, NYU Parents Day, NYU Weekend on the Square, and NYU Days on the Square) in the fall and spring.

2. At a virtual info session
It’s your chance to get a taste of the NYU Stern experience and get your questions answered in-person…without ever leaving your couch. These interactive sessions usually take place on the first Wednesday of every month, with more added in April and October. Register online for an upcoming session.

3. Via email
You can also email to correspond with a student. Please note that the Street Team is currently unable to host one-on-one meetings, or conduct tours outside of the events and virtual info sessions.

4. On social media
You can also connect with them – and keep up with what's happening at NYU Stern – by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The Street Team is frequently taking over our social media channels and doing live NYU Stern tours and Q&As for those who cannot make it to an in-person event. 

Aldo Gonzalez (BPE '20)

Aldo Headshot

Studying: Business and Political Economy, Public Policy and Management

From Temecula, CA, Aldo is part of the Tribeca Cohort, and is the Standard Opinions Editor for The Gould Standard. His favorite Saturday activity is a stroll through Prospect Park and the Botanical Gardens.

Ash Cleary (BS '21)

Ash Cleary Headshot

Studying: Finance, Economics

From Sydney, Australia, Ash is part of the Lower East Side Cohort. He is the Director of Community Engagement for the Economics Honors Society and a member of the Finance Society. Ash loves to read, and his favorite author is John Grisham. Ash is spending the semester at NYU Florence.

Caitlyn Lubas (BS '20)

Caitlyn Lubas Headshot

Studying: Marketing, Global Business and Social Entrepreneurship

From Oakland, NJ, Caitlyn is in the Soho Cohort. She is President of the Business Analytics Club and was the USWIB Study Abroad Liaison & Mentor. Caitlyn enjoys going to concerts, traveling, and trying new foods. Fun fact, she met Leonard N. Stern himself through her internship.

Danielle Krim (BS '22)

Studying: BS/MS Intent

From Teaneck, NJ, Danielle is in the Chelsea Cohort. She's involved with the TAMID Group and is a Campus Ambassador for Gift of Life. Danielle enjoys singing, writing, and poetry. Fun fact: she has never gotten a mosquito bite in her life!

Dimitri Pun (BS '21)

Dimitri Pun Headshot

Studying: Finance, Mandarin

From Port au Prince, Haiti, Dimitri is part of the SoHo Cohort. He was the Stern Student Council's First Year Class President as well as involved with the Haitian American Student Association. He loves geography, and will be studying abroad at NYU Shanghai this semester.

Ethan Kang (BS '21)

Ethan Kang Headshot

Studying: Actuarial Science, Finance, Advanced Mathematical Methods

From East Brunswick, NJ, Ethan is part of the Lower East Side Cohort, and is a member of the Actuarial Society and Quantitative Finance Society. He's also a part of the Encounter Christian Fellowship. He is a talented rapper and can actually rap all of "Rap God" by Eminem from memory.

Fatima Rasheed (BS '22)

Fatima Headshot

Studying: Undecided

From, Dubai, UAE, Fatima is part of the Murray Hill Cohort. She is an active member in the NYU Dillagi dance troupe and enjoys art, photography, and travel. In the future, she hopes to start her own sustainable fashion line.

Jane Kyerematen (BS '21)

Jane Kyerematen Headshot

Studying: Finance, Psychology

From Abington, PA, Jane is part of the FiDi Cohort. She's in NYU's Musical Mentors Program, African Students Union, Black Students Union, and is a mentor in the Academic Achievement Program. Jane loves accents and impressions, even though she claims hers aren't always that great.

Jonathan Zhao (BS '21)

Jon Headshot

Studying: Finance, Economics, Politics

From Ellicott City, MD, Jon is part of the Murray Hill Cohort. He's involved with the Finance Society, Student Council, and Alpha Kappa Psi. Jon enjoys reading and playing Super Smash Bros. Fun fact: he's met Michael Phelps in person before!

Joe Meyer (BPE '20)

Joe Meyer Headshot

Studying: Business and Political Economy

From Manhasset, NY, Joe is part of the East Village Cohort. After having spent the past year at NYU London and Shanghai, Joe is back at NYU's New York campus and involved in Stern's Inter-Club Council. If you need a SIM card, Joe probably has one; he's used 7 SIM cards for 6 numbers!

Lauren Smith (BS '21)

Lauren Smith Headshot

Studying: Management, Marketing, Italian

From Bellevue, WA, Lauren is part of the SoHo Cohort. She is a part of the Undergraduate Stern Women In Business (USWIB), where she'll be the Logistics Director at this year's annual conference. You should know that Lauren can sew and make her own clothes!

Lucy Lian (BS/MS '20)

Lucy Lian Headshot

Studying: BS/MS Dual Degree Program in Accounting

From Vancouver, Canada, Lucy is in the Chelsea Cohort. She's an NYU Residential Assistant, the Director of Reporting for Beta Alpha Psi, Mentoring Chair for the Stern Accounting Society, and more. She has a pet hamster named Captain.

Maggie Paruta (BS '20)

Maggie Paruta Headshot

Studying: Sustainable Business, Undecided Additional Concentration

From Fairfield, NJ, Maggie is in the East Village Cohort. At NYU Stern, she's been involved in First Year Impact, Net Impact, and Alpha Kappa Psi. She also works on campus, but in her free time, she loves volunteering, traveling, thrift shopping, and listening to music.

Michael Crawbuck (BS '20)

Michael Crawbuck Headshot

Studying: Marketing

From Plainview, NY, Michael is part of the Chelsea Cohort. He is the Vice President of the Motion Picture Club and Co-President of Pride Corp at NYU Stern. He will also be an Orientation Leader this year. Michael enjoys re-watching Disney movies and is also a black belt in Kung Fu!

Nihar Shah (BS '21)

Nihar Shah Headshot

Studying: Finance, Computing and Data Science, Computer Science

From New Hyde Park, NY, Nihar is part of the Gramercy Cohort. He is involved in the Business Analytics Club, Quantitative Finance Society, and the Raas Malai Dance Team. Nihar is trying to teach himself how to write better with his left hand. He will be studying away at NYU London.

Patrick Wu (BS '20)

UC-Image-Media-Responsive-1122x1062-Street Team - Patrick Wu

Studying: Finance, Sustainable Business

From New York City, Patrick is a transfer student and is also an RA at Palladium Hall and Treasurer of the Management Consulting Group. Even though Patrick is allergic to most animals and has never owned a pet, he hopes to adopt a dog in the future!

Ryan Loney (BPE '20)

Ryan L. Headshot

Studying: Business and Political Economy

From Phoenix, AZ, Ryan is part of the FiDi Cohort. He is involved with the recruitment and the Balanced Man Scholarship in Sigma Phi Epsilon. Ryan enjoys playing basketball and studying everything about China, especially the food!

Sreya Chhugani (BS '20)

Sreya Chhugani Headshot

Studying: Computing and Data Science; Finance; Media, Culture, and Communications

From Montgomery, NJ, Sreya is part of the Lower East Side Cohort. She is the External Relations Director of Undergraduate Stern Women in Business. You should know that Sreya is obsessed with cheese (although who isn't?) and is actually an official cheese taster.

Thais Fernandes Costa Groene (BS '20)

Thais Fernandes Costa Groene Headshot

Studying: Marketing; Global Business; Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil and then Philadelphia, PA, Thais is part of the Chelsea Cohort. She serves as the Vice President for the Marketing Society. While she was abroad, Thais almost got stranded in the Sahara desert!

Thomas Khadoo (BS '21)

Thomas Khadoo Headshot

Studying: Finance, Accounting; Creative Writing

From The Bronx, NY, Thomas is part of the TriBeCa Cohort. In addition to his on-campus job, he is a mentor in the Academic Achievement Program and a Research Assistant. Thomas can run a mile in under 5 minutes, but according to him, couldn't catch a ball if his life depended on it.

Varshini Kumar (BS '21)

Varshini Kumar Headshot

Studying: Finance, Art History

From League City, TX, Varshini is part of the Chelsea Cohort. She is involved in Delta Gamma, and is the Secretary for the Stern Inter-Club Council. Varshini enjoys jigsaw puzzles, animals, and attending Broadway Shows. Fun fact? She doesn't know how to drive or swim.

Yousef El Emary (BS '22)

Yousef Headshot

Studying: Finance

From Forest Hills, NY, Yousef is in the East Village Cohort. He's involved with the Islamic Finance Group and is a Social Impact Fellow. Yousef enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, and watching the Premier league with friends and family.

Zach West (BS '20)

Zach West Headshot

Studying: Marketing; Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology

From South Orange, NJ, Zach is in the Murray Hill Cohort. He’s involved in the NYU Academic Achievement Program, Gentlemen of Quality, and the Stern-Tisch Entertainment Business Association. He’s an avid sports fan, and through his internships, has already worked with NBA players.