U.S. Senator Cory Booker speaks to freshmen
Think Critically and Globally

Social Impact

Every day, business shapes and impacts the world around us. We encourage you to think critically about its role in society and your influence as a future leader.

At the social impact mingle

In Class

Our unique Social Impact Curriculum allows you to explore issues of personal and professional ethics, corporate social responsibility and the interconnections between business and our global society.
Stern International Volunteers in Ghana 2017

Outside of Class

Our Social Impact Initiatives give you opportunities to apply classroom lessons to make a real-world impact through socially responsible pursuits in New York City, as well as while abroad.
Sigrid at the food truck
Student Voices

Sigrid Garcia (BS ’23)

"One thing that makes NYU Stern unique is its Social Impact Core. I came to Stern to understand how business can shape the world in a better way by addressing the biggest issues society is facing today."