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Undergraduate | Social Impact Initiatives

Social Impact Initiatives

NYU Stern provides the resources you need to make social impact outside of the classroom.

Social Impact Fellows

The Social Impact Fellows program builds on NYU Stern’s Social Impact Core Curriculum, providing an opportunity for motivated students of all class years to deepen their classroom experience and build a community of students and mentors who share an interest in making an impact through business. Through a four-year progression, Fellows have the opportunity to expand their networks, hear from guest speakers, and build the skills needed to thrive as well-rounded leaders in today’s complex world.

Coronavirus Response Fellowship

The Stern Professional Development & Career Education team launched an 8-week Fellowship program in the summer of 2020 and summer of 2021 to support the career growth of students whose employment was affected by COVID-19. Working in teams under the guidance of alumni mentors, students pursued innovative projects that addressed business challenges brought about by the pandemic.


Social Impact Stipends

Students seeking to intern with a non-profit or government agency, or pursuing an early-stage social venture can apply for funds each semester and school break to support their advancement. Since 2006, NYU Stern’s Undergraduate College has awarded over 300 stipends to students seeking to apply their business and entrepreneurial skills to tackle social, environmental, or economic problems. 

Recent student internships and sustainable ventures include:

  • Student-led voter registration drives;
  • PPE drives for frontline workers in Queens, NY;
  • A design-a-mask competition for students in Hong Kong;
  • Internships working on the COVID-Taskforces of tech and food startups;
  • Internships with UNICEF, UNDP and government missions to the UN;
  • Internships at nonprofits like the Nature Conservancy, NPR Seoul, and RETI Center;
  • Internships to continue social entrepreneurship work in Ghana, and more.

Social Impact Clubs at NYU Stern

Get involved and make an impact from within. NYU Stern's Office of Student Engagement supports many student-led clubs that are grounded in service, sustainability, and social justice. Examples include Net Impact, Economic Development Group, PrideCorp, and Stern Women in Business.


Social Impact Clubs at NYU

There are plenty of opportunities for you to interact with the larger NYU community. Become a member of the Civic Team, participate in an Alternative Break, consult socially conscious organizations with 180 Degrees Consulting, or help a child learn to read as a part of America Reads, America Counts. Visit the NYU Center for Student Life to learn more about NYU clubs and the service and leadership opportunities that await you.

Michelle outside Tisch Hall
Student Voices

Michelle Huang (BS '24)

"Stern's social impact opportunities opened a new, applicable way to help my community through business. Through joining social impact clubs on campus, I have been able to use my knowledge from the social impact curriculum to assist large, NYC-based non-profit organizations through pro-bono consulting."