Social Impact Initiatives

NYU Stern provides the resources you need to make social impact outside of the classroom.

Co-Curricular Programs

Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting
This course provides Stern undergraduate students with an opportunity to apply lessons learned in the Social Impact Core Curriculum. It is structured as an experiential learning laboratory involving consulting-based projects and collaboration among students, faculty and nonprofit organizations.

First Year Impact (FYI)
The First Year Impact (FYI) program provides a forum for reflection and personal discovery through service and discussion. It augments the Social Impact Core, and is one of two opportunities available to Stern freshmen who are enrolled in Business and Society.

Social Impact Council
Working closely with Matt Statler, Richman Family Director of Business Ethics and Social Impact Programming, the Social Impact Council is a working committee comprised of concerned and involved undergraduate students who fulfill a crucial, on the ground advisory role for the Undergraduate College's Social Impact administration.

Social Solutions Project Lab
The Social Solutions Project Lab provides a small group of freshmen who have an interest in social entrepreneurship with an opportunity to research and develop business ideas that can create triple-bottom line value. It augments the Social Impact Core and is one of two opportunities available to Stern freshmen who are enrolled in Business and Society.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Coronavirus Response Fellowship
The Stern Professional Development & Career Education team launched an 8-week Fellowship program in June 2020 to support the career growth of students whose employment was affected by COVID-19. Working in teams under the guidance of alumni mentors, students will pursue innovative projects that address business challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Social Impact Stipends
Volunteering with a nonprofit? Interning with a government agency? Participating in a community service project or pursuing an idea that will create shared value? Apply for a social impact stipend - awards are given during every semester and break period.

Social Impact Clubs at NYU Stern
Get involved and make an impact from within. The Office of Student Life supports many student-led clubs that are grounded in service and social justice foundations. Examples include SternCares, Net Impact Undergrad, PrideCorp, the Stern Business Ethics Society, and Stern Women in Business.

Social Impact Clubs at NYU
There are plenty of opportunities for you to interact with the larger NYU community. Become a member of the Civic Team, participate in an Alternate Break, or help a child learn to read as a part of America Reads, America Counts. Visit the NYU Center for Student Activities, Leadership, and Service to learn more about NYU clubs and service and leadership opportunities that await you.

Anna Chen smiling on NYC street

Student Voices

Anna Chen (BS '17)

"The social impact opportunities at Stern have shaped my experience. After learning about the intersection of social impact and business for four years, I've come to develop a better understanding of where I see my own role in the future."