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NYU Stern CSB prepares future and current leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools to embed social and environmental sustainability into core business strategy.

ROSI Methodology

Proving Sustainable Business is Good Business with ROSI™

Sustainability drives business and societal success, yet the challenge most businesses face is proving the monetary impact of sustainability initiatives. CSB's Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) methodology is used by both corporate management and investors to bridge the gap between sustainability and financial performance.

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Upcoming Event: Delivering Healthy Profits, People and Planet: A Fireside Chat with Paul Polman, Co-Founder and Chair of Imagine, and former CEO of Unilever

Join us on October 8th at 8:30am EST for a conversation with Paul Polman. We will be dicussing the role of business in addressing today's pressing issues such as massive unemployment, climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the #BlackLivesMatter fight for racial justice.

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Sustainable Recovery COVID19

Insights on Resilience and Rebuilding in the Age of COVID-19

"Rather than making tweaks to existing structures, a successful global recovery plan will need to articulate what we want to be as a society and figure out how we get there. It is time to think big." In recent publications by the Financial Times, FII Institute, and more, CSB Director Tensie Whelan emphasizes the importance of embedded sustainability strategies and stakeholder capitalism as we recover from COVID-19.

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Costa Rica Consulting Course

Innovation in Education

As part of the Business and Society Program, CSB provides unique opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and executive students both in and out of the classrom to develop the knowledge and skills needed to create economic value in tandem with social and environmental value.

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Insights and Research

CSB leverages our ROSI™ Methodology to reveal that embedding sustainability into core business strategy benefits all areas of corporate metrics, conducting research on topics including deforestation-free supply chains, marketing and consumer goods, and financing the UN SDGs.

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Practice Forum 2020

Influence and Engagement

CSB engages with a growing network of professionals, investors, alumni, media partners and academics who seek to redesign capitalism, sustaining both business and society for generations to come, through regular publications, multi-stakeholder convenings, and research collaborations.

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