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Department Administrators

Lilian C. Pacheco
Administrative Aide, Business & Society Program
212-992-6855 | KMC 7-150

Leilani Smith
Administrative Aide, Business & Society Program
212-998-0048 | KMC 7-150

Anna Bailey Doyle
Administrative Aide, Center for Sustainable Business
212-998-0567 | KMC 8-190

Cynthia Orizaba
Administrative Aide, Center for Business and Human Rights
212-998-0288 |  KMC 8-190

Social Impact

Mara van Loggerenberg
Associate Director, Social Impact Programming

Center for Business & Human Rights

Center Website

Michael Posner

Paul M. Barrett
Deputy Director

Center for Sustainable Business

Center Website

Tensie Whelan

Alison Berg
Associate Director of Communications

Divya Chandra 
Associate Research Scholar 

Elyse Douglas 
Senior Research Scholar 

Chisara Ehiemere 
Senior Research Lead of Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) 

Kendra Gibbs
Assistant Director of Invest NYC SDG Initiative

Marianna Koval 
Director of Invest NYC SDG Initiative 

Randi Kronthal-Sacco 
Senior Scholar of Marketing & Corporate Outreach 

Maggie Paruta 
Associate Research Scholar

Divya Subramanian
Associate Director of Invest NYC SDG Initiative

Abigail Talcott-Schlaifer
Senior Associate Director

Beverly Teng
Assistant Research Scholar

Alyssa Yurasits
Associate Director of Operations

Ethical Systems

Center Website

Jonathan Haidt

Alison Taylor
Executive Director

Noel Boyland
Corporate Engagement Director