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Future Jobs Fair


NYU Stern's Center for Sustainable Business, VICE Media and Collectively co-hosted the Future Jobs Fair on Wednesday, March 30. NYU and Stern students had the opportunity to share their ambitions on the future of work, design their perfect job of the future, and gain insights and skills into what the world of work will look like.  Along with representation from employers including Unilever, Google, Coca Cola, Rainforest Alliance and others, the Jobs Fair included interactive areas and talks exploring everything from how to become a freelancer, to what it means to be an ‘intrapreneur.’

The event, which was held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at VICE Headquarters, was noticeably different than other career fairs.  As one student noted, “This is nothing like a typical career fair.  I had the opportunity to talk to people in a number of industries knowing that their company cultures were closely aligned with my values.  The event was perfectly curated and tailored to my interests.” 
Employers also commented on the uniqueness of the event.  "The energy was contagious. It's not often I'd liken a job fair to an enjoyable afternoon in a beautiful setting buzzing with genuine and inspiring conversations,” noted Naomi Eskin, a strategist at BBMG. Others described how their companies should view Stern through a different lens in the future.  One employer remarked: “Stern’s presence in this sphere is incredibly forward looking. Our company, and others, should be revisiting what we’re looking for in graduates and future employees.”
“This Jobs Fair ties directly into the Center of Sustainable Business’ vision,” said Professor and Center Director Tensie Whelan, “We want to empower future business leaders to build value for society. This event is just the beginning in making that a reality.”