Social Impact Core

NYU Stern is the only Undergraduate Business School with a four-course Social Impact Core Curriculum. In your first year, students take Business and Society, which challenges you to explore how business can, and should, create value for society. This is followed by Organizational Communications & Its Social Contexts, which explores effective communications to different stakeholders, and Law Business & Society, which examines the role of law in shaping and governing business conduct. The curriculum is rounded out by the capstone course, Professional Responsibility & Leadership.

Business & Society

(SOIM-UB.0125 – 4 credits)

Business and Society is the first course in the Social Impact Core Curriculum required for Stern students. The course introduces students to the evolving role of business in society and challenges students to explore how business can and should create value for society.  It includes a plenary session in which thought leaders present their distinct perspectives on current and historical issues related to business and society. It also includes small group discussion sessions in which students reflect critically on the plenary perspectives in reference to alternative perspectives drawn from course readings.  

​Organizational Communication and Its Social Context

(SOIM-UB 0065 - 4 units)

Students learn how organizations communicate with multiple types of audiences, focusing on the interconnections between business and society. The course uses the stakeholder model of the corporation to introduce the strategic implications of communication for modern organizations. Students focus on strategic and tactical aspects of corporate communication to study and practice the ways in which organizations communicate to their varied internal and external stakeholders. Assignments develop students’ abilities in speaking and writing to these varied audiences, both to inform and to persuade. The course emphasizes bridging theoretical fundamentals while stressing action learning, which includes applying communication strategy to: • oral and written business assignments, • presentation delivery techniques, • visual communication analysis and practice, and • team communication.

Law, Business & Society

(SOIM-UB.0006 – 4 credits)

This course challenges undergraduate students to think deeply about legal systems and the continual evolution of business practice and business law. This process is multidimensional and involves social, political, ethical, and technological factors. In the course, students examine how key areas of business law influence the structure of societal and business relationships, while honing their analytical, communication, and writing skills.

​Professional Responsibility & Leadership

(SOIM-UB.0012 – 2 credits)

This capstone undergraduate course fosters the development of professional judgment in business. Students consider how to behave in challenging professional situations, balancing self-interests and those of the firm within the larger context of society, ethics, and law. The course builds on content discussed throughout the social impact core while introducing new themes pertinent to students about to enter the workforce, including the economic and ethical aspects of acting as a business professional, and several approaches, to leadership.