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Public Policy and Management, Joint Stern-Wagner

In today’s global society, the interdependencies of the market, community, and state sectors have created a need for individuals who possess a deep understanding of both the public and private spheres. This interdisciplinary minor enables students to:

• Study sector-specific convergence,divergence, and challenges in management practices
• Examine political influences on local, domestic, and international policy
• Explore sustainability issues within the sectors
• Understand the nuances of effective leadership

Social Entrepreneurship, Joint Stern-Wagner

Social entrepreneurs are transforming the business and societal landscape by applying business discipline and principles to confront some of the world’s most intractable problems. Whether it’s ensuring clean water, addressing illiteracy, preventing human rights abuses, bringing economic development initiatives to poor communities, or providing access to health care, social entrepreneurs are at the forefront offering sustainable, business based solutions to meet these and other critical challenges.

Students take a carefully chosen selection of Wagner and Stern course options that explore the concept of students as “changemakers.”