Advanced Professional Certificate in Finance

In order to earn the Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) in Finance, students must meet the following requirements:
  • ​​Earn, but do not exceed, 15.0 total credits.
  • Take no more than 9.0 credits per semester.
  • Complete the program in two years.

Core Courses

Students pursuing the APC in Finance must take or demonstrate proficiency in Foundations of Finance. Proficiency may be demonstrated in one of three ways:
  • Having earned an undergraduate Finance major or concentration
  • Having earned an MBA Finance concentration
  • Passing the Stern Foundations of Finance proficiency exam

Elective Courses

Once the Foundations of Finance requirement is satisfied, students pursuing the APC in Finance may take 12 Finance elective credits. Those students who demonstrate proficiency in Foundations of Finance may take 15 Finance elective credits.

Students pursuing an APC in Finance are permitted to take 3.0 non-Finance credits as part of their program, provided they meet the required prerequisites or corequisites and do not exceed 15.0 total credits.