Student & Alumni Spotlight of the Month

Anika Advani
When Anika Advani (BS ’15) was considering colleges and universities as a high school senior, she made visits to different campuses to get a feel for life at each school.Her visit to the NYU Stern Undergraduate College, however, sold her on the merits of the Stern experience.

“When I visited, the Undergraduate College dean at the time said something that really struck me and really made me want to come here,” said Advani, whose concentrations include finance and management, in addition to a minor in psychology. “She said, ‘Stern isn’t for everybody, but if you feel the energy of the city and your blood is pulsing right now and you want to come back with the people who are sitting alongside you, then this is the place for you.’”

Advani has carved a niche as a student leader, having served as a Cohort Leadership Program Leader, and as part of the Stern Judiciary Committee. She has been especially involved as a member of the Stern Investment Analysis Group (IAG). One of IAG’s most impressive projects is the Stern IAG Fund, an investment portfolio made possible through generous donations by alumni.

“The culture at the club really stood out to me,” said Advani. “Right after the first meeting, the seniors introduced themselves to underclassmen and really made an effort to know us; that’s how I started building relationships at Stern. Through IAG, I found that I could build a network, and experience what it really means to build a community at Stern.”

She served as IAG’s alumni relations chair as a sophomore and junior, which allowed her to meet and network with alumni working in finance and investment banking, her desired career path. To date, Advani has interned at Morgan Stanley in their credit risk practice, and served as a summer analyst at Barclays in their investment banking divison. She recently secured a full-time offer from Barclays, where she will pursue a career in investment banking after graduation.

Advani credits the relationships she built through IAG as one of the many reasons why she has enjoyed her experience at Stern.

“I fell in love with the people I’ve met here. Personal growth for me started with pushing myself out of my comfort zone,” she says. “You really have to be open to meeting new people, and be open to new experiences and possibilities, too.”