Student & Alumni Spotlight of the Month: Cesar Miranda (BPE '15)

Cesar Miranda

When Cesar Miranda (BPE ’15) first arrived at the NYU Stern Undergraduate College, he wanted as many international academic experiences as possible.
As part of Stern’s Business and Political Economy (BPE) degree program, Miranda has been able to do just that: to date, he has traveled to 26 countries around the world, visiting England, Belgium, and China and other places. He’s had the opportunity to explore his interests – particularly international politics – in a global context, and create his own unique experience at Stern.

"When I was applying to college, I wasn't sure whether I would want a traditional business education, or if I wanted to pursue a liberal arts career in economics and politics," says Miranda, whose minors include public policy and management. "Because of BPE, I didn't have to make the choice. I also looked at the global component, and I knew that BPE would push me out of my comfort zone and allow me to explore different countries and cultures that I would've otherwise not looked at. Looking back today, I couldn't have made a better choice."
“Stern is whatever you want it to be. There isn’t one right path for Stern students, and you should do what you’re passionate about, and what makes you happy,” he says. “Always ask for help from upperclassmen; they’re always around to give advice – and they’re usually happy to help.”
A New York native who was raised in Lima, Peru, Miranda has been involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities while at Stern. He is currently the director of analytics on the Stern Student Council’s executive board, where he tracks all student council data and identifies trends so that the organization can improve its methods. Miranda says he has learned a lot about leadership in his time at Stern, especially through the experiences he’s had working with faculty and his fellow students outside of the classroom. He also developed those skills through multiple internships and volunteer opportunities at A Place for Kids, VistaJet International, Mobile Commons, and Accenture.
“Leadership is not about telling people what to do, but about listening and convincing people to do something only because it is the right thing to do,” says Miranda, who will join Deloitte as a consultant in its strategy and operations practice after he graduates in May.
“After almost four years of BPE, I am not ready to stop traveling, and consulting gives me the chance to do just that,” says Miranda. “In 10 years, however, I would like to have gone to grad school, and ultimately work in development consulting, focusing on low-income areas in Africa, Latin America and Asia.”