Student Spotlight: Corinne Clemente (BS '15)

By Karl Brisseaux
Corrine Clemente
A senior with dual concentrations in Finance and Marketing, Corinne Clemente has harbored a passion for business and mathematics from a young age that ultimately led her to the NYU Stern Undergraduate College.

Other aspects that drew Clemente to NYU were its setting, the access to leadership opportunities, and the wide variety of options available for studying abroad.

“I knew I wanted to study in the heart of NYC so I could be immersed in the city’s fast-paced environment, diverse population, and myriad of opportunities," she says.

International Perspectives and Experiential Learning

Clemente has taken advantage of multiple study abroad opportunities while at Stern. In her sophomore spring, Clemente spent a semester in Shanghai., and during her junior spring, she spent one week in Vietnam as part of Stern's International Studies Program (ISP), a semester-long course, which  explores the competitive positioning of a company in its industry, country and international context.  Most recently, during her senior year, Clemente completed Professor Venkat Srtivatsan's Social Enterprise and Economic Development (SEED): The India Context course. Clemente and her classmates prepared a case study on the development challenges facing Dharavi in Mumbai, the largest slum in Asia, before traveling to India for two weeks and visiting the residential and business sectors of Dharavi.

“Going from learning about Dharavi in a faraway Stern classroom to seeing the bustling economy of the slum function firsthand was a truly rewarding and unforgettable learning experience,” Clemente says.

Becoming a Leader

Throughout her Stern experience, Clemente has been an active leader, having serving as the Chair of the NYU Stern Judiciary Committee and the President of Undergraduate Stern Women in Business (USWIB). Clemente says that she has been hooked on USWIB since freshman year, praising the club’s supportive atmosphere and mentorship program.

“Getting together with strong women in USWIB each week is such a rewarding experience for me personally,” she says. “Every time I am able to help my mentees pick classes or prep women for interviews, I get to see firsthand the importance of helping other women succeed.”

Looking Ahead

Clemente has interned for the natural foods startup Big Mouth Snack, LLC, General Electric Water’s Financial Planning & Analysis division, and most recently, JPMorgan’s Global Corporate Bank covering Multinational Corporations. Clemente says that she hopes to travel to South America or Africa this summer, before returning to JPMorgan Chase to participate in its two-year rotational Treasury Services program. Eventually, she plans to earn an MBA and start her own business.

Clemente’s advice for future Stern students is to “get outside your comfort zone from day one.” She urges students to be adventurous by taking unique classes, applying for unconventional internships, and meeting as many people as possible both in and outside of Stern.

“You have the privilege of going to college in the greatest city in the world, so steer away from the norm and take advantage of all NYC has to offer,” Clemente says.

- Cathy Zhang (BS '18)