Student Spotlight: Emily Tung (BS '15)

Emily Tung
Many students attend college hoping to enjoy a well-rounded experience that leads to fulfillment intellectually, socially, and professionally. Emily Tung (BS ’15) says that her experience at the NYU Stern Undergraduate College provided her with the tools necessary to chart a path toward future success in her career.
“At Stern, I learned so much about myself and the type of career that I wanted to have,” says Tung. “Classes help guide you along with what interests you, but the various internship opportunities that I had because of Stern's resources and clubs really helped me figure out what it was that I wanted to do.”
Tung, whose concentrations at Stern include finance and accounting, has served as a business development intern at S2 Groupe, and after her sophomore year, she participated in the UBS Emerging Talent Program as an intern.
“During the first week of my internship at UBS, all seventy-two interns from Hong Kong, Zurich, and New York City were flown to Switzerland for a weeklong orientation,” says Tung. “We met with the CEO of UBS with the opportunity to interview him, learned how to yodel in Appenzell, Switzerland, and met so many people from different backgrounds.”
During the summer of 2014, she worked as an investment banking summer analyst at Guggenheim Partners, a firm she discovered through one of the professional development opportunities offered by Stern’s Office of Student Engagement (OSE). Tung will join Guggenheim Partners full-time after graduating from Stern in May 2015.
“I found out about Guggenheim Partners through the OSE's Industry Introduction Series (IIS),” says Tung. “I had the opportunity to speak to an analyst there who really convinced me that this firm was worth applying to. When I interviewed, my first round interviewer was the same person I had met while at IIS.”
Throughout her Stern experience, Tung has been heavily invested in student life. She is a founding member and chief executive officer of Smart Woman Securities at NYU, and a cohort director for Stern Student Council. She is also a member of Undergraduate Stern Women in Business, the Marketing Society, and has served as a student ambassador for NYU Shanghai.
Tung encourages students considering Stern to maximize the experience of living in New York City, and take advantage of the social and cultural opportunities the city has to offer.
“Don't forget that Stern has opportunities outside of just professional development and helping you find that dream career,” says Tung. “You can attend a Broadway show, go to a New York Times TimesTalk, or attend a Nets or Knicks game. There aren’t many schools that can say they can offer their students the same experience as being a student at Stern, so take advantage!"