Give Possible

Two student smiling and posing with food
Food is the best study break. It’s the best icebreaker. It’s the best way to Thanksgiving.

And that’s exactly what NYU Stern Undergraduate students did on November 18 at the annual International Thanksgiving celebration. This annual feast gives international students and visiting International Business Exchange (IBEX) students an opportunity to take a break from studying and enjoy traditional Thanksgiving fare.

A first Thanksgiving for many, there was excitement over the food. “Sweet & delicious” one student rated. In addition to the stuffing, turkey, and pumpkin pie, the event is an opportunity for students to get to know each other in an intimate setting.

Junior Tabby Wakabari said she attends this event every year. “It’s a great opportunity to talk with other international students.”  She appreciates the festivities since it helps her get into the spirit of the season. “It’s nice to share something as special as Thanksgiving with others.”

Sophomore Danni Wang added, “a lot of us won’t be seeing our family over the break, so it’s great when friends get together and celebrate.”

The festivities do not stop here though. Between New York and NYU, there is no shortage of Thanksgiving events.  On Sunday, November 22, students can enjoy a Thanksgiving meal at NYU's Fall Feast or take advantage of the many entertainment festivities happening in NYC.

"I've been to three Thanksgiving events already!" says freshman Hamza Mazhar. “It shows that we all care about each other.”

By Matthew Mancini