Celebrating Research Excellence

Rohit Deo speaking to students
Students enjoyed an evening with faculty and staff at the first annual SPUR Mingle reception.

A successful year of scholarship was recognized at the NYU Stern Undergraduate College’s inaugural Stern Program of Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Mingle reception, hosted for students, faculty and administrators in Gardner Commons.

Dean of the Undergraduate College Geeta Menon delivered the opening remarks, in which she praised the students and faculty for their commitment to participating in an engaging and challenging research experience. SPUR senior Serene Huang (BS ’14), reflected on the honors program in a speech at the event. Through SPUR, Huang has partnered with renowned Stern faculty on research in several subject areas, including research on the impact of debt valuation adjustment with Professor Paul Zarowin, and she said she benefitted most from the overall expansion of her critical thinking ability.

“Most of the time, we students will be the ones reading articles, collecting data, running regressions, and sharing with the professor what we found,” said Huang, who will pursue a Ph.D. in Accounting at Columbia University’s graduate business school after graduation in May. “I realized that it was a process of mutual learning, an exploration of an unknown field of knowledge. Because we’re exploring the unknown, there is no formula for us to follow, and we often have to think out of the box to identify methods that will get us the information we want.”

Established in 2012, the SPUR provides research opportunities for Stern undergraduates by connecting students with faculty who are conducting research. Since its inception, SPUR has offered 104 total research opportunities to 175 students, and 60 faculty members have participated. Earlier this semester, Dean Menon and a group of SPUR students traveled to Omaha, Neb. to meet with Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

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