Re-Orientation Sets Sophomores Up for Recruiting Success

Mckenzie Love
Students arrive at NYU Stern with varying levels of knowledge about business - and that’s totally ok! During their first semester, all first-years participate in the SternTalks series where alumni give TED-style talks about popular areas in business in which students could pursue a career. But the preparation doesn’t end there. 

For the first time this year, students at the starting line of their sophomore year had a class-wide opportunity to gather, reconnect, and learn about On-Campus Recruiting (OCR), which can start as early as sophomore fall for some industries. “Reorientation is intended to demystify the recruitment process and help students understand how to position themselves for success, all while encouraging students to reconnect with one another,” Kimberly Maes, Senior Associate Director of Student Engagement, said. 

This required event featured speakers from the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development and the NYU Stern Undergraduate Office of Student Engagement (OSE) and included a fun, animated Recruiting 101 video, produced by the OSE team. Students learned everything from what employers are looking for, to recruitment timelines (there’s no magic answer!), to basic recruitment strategy, to what resources NYU and Stern offer. 

The audience also heard from a panel of Peer Mentors who had been through (and survived!) OCR. “Start early,” Sweta Gangopadhyay (BS '19) advised sophomores, and her sentiment was echoed by fellow panelist Jason Lu (BS ‘19). 

Chris Mendoza (BS '19) also contributed sage advice about the interview experience, saying, “They are going to ask you ‘why do you want to work here?’ Find one or two specific things things that are unique to [the company].”

And all four mentors recommended networking with Stern alumni. “Don’t be too nervous to reach out: they are just people too,” said Victoria Rusinak (BS/MS '19).

After the presentation and panel, students mingled with their classmates and enjoyed some yummy food from local restaurants. Overall, students left the program feeling positive about what they’d learned. 

“I didn’t realize how many resources NYU has to help,” Allia Al-Darmaki (BS '21) said. “I definitely feel more prepared and have more knowledge about the process,” Nicholas Kong (BS '21) added.

Kearra Sarin (BS '21) said it calmed her nerves and made her feel more ready to handle OCR. “I feel more at ease,” she said. 

That was OSE’s aspiration when designing the program, and the event was a successful stride in leveling the playing field of knowledge going into OCR.

“We hope students feel more prepared to tackle recruitment, which can definitely be a stressful process. By better understanding what ‘recruiting’ means and learning about key resources that can assist them along the way, we want to leave students with the tools to navigate it all and with an understanding of the support they have on-campus,” said Kim Maes.


Current sophomores can review the Recruiting 101 video and other career resources on Stern Life, where they can also sign up for a meeting with a Peer Mentor to get one-on-one advice about the recruiting process.