NYU x NYU / CAS - Stern

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NYU x NYU / CAS - Stern

The NYU x NYU / CAS - Stern program offers highly qualified and motivated CAS undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue their Full-Time 2 year MBA at NYU Stern within 2-5 years after graduation from CAS. 

Students accepted into the program will automatically receive a $10,000 Early Advancement Award to be applied to their full-time MBA tuition upon enrolling at NYU Stern. Admitted students will also be eligible for consideration of further NYU Stern scholarships, including a specially designated one-year Berkley Early Advancement Fellowship covering full tuition and fees, in the year in which they enroll at Stern.


  • Be in your final year of undergraduate study at NYU CAS or have recently graduated in the 2018-2019 academic year 
  • Have an average cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above 
  • Be in good standing with NYU
  • Have submitted a complete application to the NYU x NYU program by the deadlines indicated 
  • Domestic and international students are eligible to apply 

Applying to the CAS Pathways

  • CAS undergraduate students in their final year of study should submit the application to the NYU x NYU / CAS - Stern program.
  • The application is now available. Please carefully review all of the information on the admissions website.
  • Application components include an application data form, endorsements, transcripts, resume and essays 
  • The NYU Stern application fee of $250 will not be required
  • The standardized test requirement (GMAT/GRE/EA) will be waived. If you apply through the NYU x NYU / CAS - Stern program, the Admissions Committee will waive the standardized test requirement for your application.
  • An interview is required for admission to the Full-time 2 year MBA program and is offered by invitation only. All interviews will be conducted by a member of the NYU Stern Admissions Committee. 
  • Applicants applying through The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, or to any NYU dual degree, are not eligible.

Enrollment at Stern

  • Students admitted to the NYU x NYU / CAS - Stern program are expected to gain 2-5 years of valuable work experience in related fields prior to enrolling at Stern, and maintain regular contact with the NYU Stern MBA Admissions Office prior to their enrollment at Stern 
  • In the year they plan to enroll, admitted students will be required to complete an abbreviated admissions application to the Full-time 2 year MBA program and pay any subsequent enrollment deposits in the admissions cycle prior to their enrollment date.