Drive it

The Drive it Curriculum

The Drive it curriculum centers around the idea that change requires creating something new and preparing for the future. Students can choose to participate in at least one of the program options below.

Drive it Curriculum

Endless Frontier Labs

A nine-month program focused on maximizing the potential of massively-scalable, science and deep technology startups. Students will learn about the process of successfully taking new ventures to markets, including aspects related to development, management and financing of ventures.

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Business Startup Practicum

This course seeks to provide an understanding of business planning techniques that transform ideas into viable commercial businesses. Students will conduct the market organizational operational strategic and financial analyses that are required to produce a venture concept and an actionable business plan.
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Venture Building for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

This course (new Spring 2020) integrates design thinking principles to facilitate the creation of new innovative ideas both within existing organizations and for the creation of a new venture.

Entrepreneurs Challenge

Hosted by W. R. Berkley Innovation Labs, the Entrepreneurs Challenge is one of the largest and most innovative accelerator programs and startup competitions in the world. It is an 8-month program involving more than 750 students, alumni, faculty and researchers from 16 schools across NYU’s global campuses, all of whom compete for a total of $300,000 in cash prizes and pro bono startup services.

Future of Work Bootcamps

Sessions hosted by the Office of Academic Affairs and Advising on topics related to the future of work, including topics like cybersecurity, design thinking, coding, blockchain and FinTech.