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Full-time MBA | Peter Egziabher

Peter Egziabher
Student Voices

Peter Egziabher, MBA 2023

  • Hometown
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Undergraduate
    School: Harvard College
    Major: History
  • Previous Company
    Technology (Google) and Law and Public Policy (The Brennan Center for Justice)
  • Summer Internship
    McKinsey & Company
  • Specializations at Stern
    Entertainment & Media, Leadership and Change Management, Finance
  • Student Clubs
    Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students - VP of Community Engagement
    Entertainment, Media and Sports Association
    Private Equity and Venture Capital Club
    Blockchain Digital Asset Forum

How did you find a sense of community and support within Stern?

Everyone I've met at Stern has been kind and supportive of one another; whether it is hanging out socially, providing help with school work, or networking. My classmates have been incredibly supportive of my unique career interests and are genuinely interested in getting to know each other.

How would you describe the culture and community within your class?

The culture and community is friendly, curious, and supportive. People enjoy spending time with one another and want to see their classmates succeed.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Make sure your unique background and interests shine through in your application. You don't have to have everything figured out, but showing a sense of purpose and EQ can only help.

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