Berkley Scholars

Established in 2013, The William R. Berkley Scholarship Program supports exceptional college seniors or recent college graduates who wish to pursue their MBA full-time at NYU Stern.

This scholarship is only available for candidates pursuing the two-year Full-time MBA, Fashion & Luxury MBA or Andre Koo Tech MBA.

The scholarship covers the following:
  • full tuition and mandatory fees
  • stipend for housing and educational expenses
    • $56,000 - two-year Full-time MBA ($14,000 per term)
    • $42,000 - Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA ($14,000 per term)


To be eligible for consideration, interested applicants must have:
  • Graduated from their undergraduate program between May 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021
  • Graduated from their undergraduate program prior to the first day of class for their designated MBA program
  • Submitted a complete application to NYU Stern for the two-year Full-time MBA, Tech MBA or Fashion & Luxury MBA (by any corresponding application deadline)
Applicants applying through The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, or to any NYU dual degree, are not eligible.

Domestic and international students are eligible to apply. There is a check box on the Stern application for candidates to indicate their interest in the scholarship.

Class of 2019

Aman Agarwal

Aman Agarwal

Undergraduate: Computer Science Engineering, IIIT-Delhi
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Research Analyst Intern, EY; Research Analyst Intern, Hitachi India; Business Development Intern, ICF International; Project Head, IIIT-Delhi & AIIMS; Core Team Member, IIIT-Delhi; Business Development Intern, Excellence Engineering
Career Focus: Finance, Technology, and FinTech
Stern Leadership: Graduate Finance Association, Stern Technology Association, Stern Private Equity Club, South Asian Business Association, Adam Smith Society

“NYU Stern provides a global platform with its esteemed faculty and an international exposure. I was able to gain a lot of technical knowledge at my undergraduate university, but I wanted to learn more about leadership and entrepreneurship in a structured manner. Stern allows me to hone and further enhance these skills, learning from professionals in the industry and through the experiences gained by living in New York City. My goal of becoming a successful business professional, therefore, would not be possible without a comprehensive education gained through an MBA at NYU Stern."

Stefani Kostadinova

Undergraduate: Economics and Business Administration, American University in Bulgaria
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Securities Broker, Adamant Capital Partners; Intern, Credit Suisse; Managed Services Intern, SAP; Strategic Finance Trainee, Telenor; Accounting Intern, Kreston BulMar
Career Focus: Strategic Management
Stern Leadership: Management Consulting Association, Stern Women in Business, European Business Society, Latin American Business Association, Stern Adventures, Stern Opportunity, Student Government, Adam Smith Society 

“During my brief time at Credit Suisse, I had the opportunity to see various functional areas of the bank and I was mostly drawn to the work of people whose jobs rotated around strategy. I knew that I needed to complement my financial background with an MBA in order to be more successful in strategy and leadership. I had figured out what I wanted and I felt that I possessed the personal maturity and varied work experiences to do so right away."

Margaret Rowe

Undergraduate: Information Systems and Technology Management, The George Washington University
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Operations Intern, Stylitics; Operations Leadership Intern, Amazon; Research Assistant, Center for the Connected Student; Marketing Intern, The Parking Spot
Career Focus: Technology and Private Equity
Stern Leadership: Stern Women in Business, Entrepreneurship and Startup Association, Stern Private Equity Club

“I chose Stern because I wanted to surround myself with a network of students and alumni who shared my passion for business and the Berkley Scholarship offered the perfect opportunity to do so. Stern also offered the unique opportunity to explore both inside and outside the classroom and it was important to me to have access to Stern Solutions courses such as Tech in the City, where I could, in real time, apply what I was learning in the classroom into the real world.”

Xinming Xu

Undergraduate: Economics, NYU Abu Dhabi
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Summer Business Analyst, The Basement Project; Summer Analyst, M Capital Group; Quantitative Summer Analyst, Knowledge Decision Services; Summer Business Analyst, Alliance Development Group; Co-founder, CollegePeek
Career Focus: Management Consulting
Stern Leadership: Management Consulting Association (AVP of External Affairs), Stern Private Equity Club, Stern Management & Strategy, Asian Business Society

“It is one of my dreams to build and manage a successful company in the future. I want to learn the leadership and management skills from a top MBA program early on. More importantly, I want to learn from fellow MBA classmates who are experienced and driven professionally.”

Class of 2020

Virgilio Contucci

Virgilio Contucci

Undergraduate:  Università Bocconi, Economics and Finance
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Consultant, 180 Degrees Consulting; Intern, ELAD Consulting
Career Focus: Finance

“The Berkley Scholars Program really shows Stern’s commitment towards “an education in possible”. I chose to do an MBA directly from undergrad to follow my American dream. I wanted to go to a school where challenging the norm is encouraged, where problems are translated into opportunities and where diversity and originality is welcomed. This scholarship allows me to do just that. Finally, in addition to the professional and personal development that a regular student enjoys, Berkley Scholars are immersed in an accelerated and challenging growth journey."

Kelly Kennedy

Kelly Kennedy

Undergraduate: Mathematics-Computer Science, Purdue University
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Partner Account Coordinator Intern, Salesforce; Project Manager, Program Management Intern, Salesforce; IT Intern, Caterpillar Inc.
Career Focus: Technology

I chose Stern because of the flexible curriculum and expanding focus on tech. Being able to take courses that will give me a strong business foundation, as well as courses that explore the way different business scenarios exist within the technology industry, was something that really drew my attention to Stern."

Aditi Thakur

Aditi Thakur

Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University, Economics
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Transfer Pricing Intern at Ernst & Young, Government Advisory Services Intern at KPMG, Economic Research Intern at International Air Transport Association
Career Focus: Management Consulting

The Berkley scholarship program is helping me gain a comprehensive set of business and personal skills in the nascent stages of my professional journey. The program has also helped me build meaningful connections with a network of professors, peers and alumni, as well as a unique cohort of other Berkley scholars. These opportunities of mentorship and collaboration will accelerate the development of my career at its inception, and this is why I chose to pursue my MBA right out of college."

Brentyn Mendel

Brentyn Mendel

Undergraduate: State University of New York at Buffalo, Biomedical Engineering
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: Corporate Finance Intern, M&T Bank; Product Engineer, 3AM Innovations; Loan Verification Specialist, Capital Management Services
Career Focus: Management Consulting

I chose to attend Stern because from the moment I arrived on campus for my interview, I felt welcome. Being located in New York City offers an exceptional opportunity to grow and explore both personally and professionally. In addition, the ability to learn extends far beyond the classroom at Stern and takes the form of experiential learning opportunities, study abroad programs, and so much more; all of which truly enhance the MBA."

Yahia Suraiya

Suraiya Yahia

Undergraduate: New York University Abu Dhabi - Mathematics and Economics
Pre-Stern Internship Experience: NYU Admissions Amabassador; Columbia Business School Research Intern; Harvard Business School Global Research Intern
Career Focus: Management Consulting

Working on academic research in business schools and designing HBS MBA cases exposed me to a breadth of business issues across sectors and sparked my interest in real world business challenges. Joining an MBA program right after undergrad is a great opportunity for me to leverage my analytical and theoretical background within a practical framework while building significant connections with and learning from my peers."