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Full-time MBA | Tech Product Management

Tech Product Management

Tech Product Management involves developing the ability to create, test, and deploy innovative ideas in technology-enabled businesses. The specialization emphasizes data-driven decision making, a focus on innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset. A Tech Product Management specialization prepares students for careers as product management, as well as those that interact with product managers -- product marketing, technology development, and technology strategy.

Sample Courses:

  • Design Thinking for Managers
  • Digital Disruption: Creating and Capturing Value
  • Tech Industry Drivers
  • High Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Predicting the Future of Technology
  • Programming in Python
  • Strategic Management of AI
Please note that this is a selection of courses and is subject to change. For more information, visit the course index.

Especially applicable to careers in Technology, Strategy, and Marketing such as:

  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Technology Development
  • Technology Strategy