Your Network for Life

Sternies possess both IQ and EQ, enabling them to harness their intellectual and interpersonal strengths to spark innovation.

ga group

Class Profile

Our community brings together a diverse and unique group of students from a variety of different industries and backgrounds.
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professional club

Student Clubs

Sternies lead, create, and manage school clubs, organizations and committees. With nearly 40 different organizations to choose from, you're sure to find a group that suits your interests.
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Underrepresented Minorities

Our community reveres diversity, inclusion, and equity as well as the belonging of all people and ideas.
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We are committed to promoting female students’ personal and professional development and strive to advance gender equality at Stern and beyond.
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international students

International Students

We are proud to have distinct voices from all over the globe represented in our classrooms.
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Our diverse and dynamic community advocates and creates a safe space for LGBTQ individuals and allies.
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We support U.S. military veterans and active duty students academically and professionally in their transition to business school.
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team work

Berkley Scholars

Our William R. Berkley Scholarship Program supports exceptional college seniors or recent college graduates who wish to pursue their MBA full-time at NYU Stern.
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