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Alexandra's Headshot

Alexandra Greene

Hometown: Westport, CT
Pre-MBA Employer: Nielsen/NielsenIQ
Specialization: Brand Management
Summer Internship: Colgate-Palmolive
Stern Involvement: GMA, Career Mentor, Board Fellow, SWIB
Home Away from Home at Stern: Graduate Marketing Association
Pronouns: She/her

Anushka's Headshot

Anushka Singh

Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Pre-MBA Employer: Visa
Specializations: Tech Product Management, Entertainment & Media, Strategy
Summer Internship: EY Parthenon
Stern Involvement: MCA, EMSA, STA, GMA, Stern FC
Home Away From Home at Stern: Stern FC
Pronouns: She/her

Aindrilla (Andy) Mukherjee

Aindrilla (Andy) Mukherjee

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Previous Employer: PwC
Specialization: Finance
Summer Internship: JP Morgan
Stern Involvement: GFA, SWiB, SABAS, SGov, Careers Office
Home Away from Home at Stern: SABAS - celebrating South Asian festivals truly makes it feel like home!
Pronouns: She/Her

Milton's Headshot

Milton Cohen

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Israel
Specializations: Strategy, Leadership & Change Management, Management
Summer Internship: EY Parthenon
Stern Involvement: MCA, JSA, SGov
Favorite NYC Spot: Pier 26 at Hudson river park. The perfect place to relax and detach from the city stress while enjoying the city views and sports atmosphere.

Daniela's Headshot

Daniela Rios

Hometown: Orlando, Fl
Specializations: Marketing, Strategy, Leadership
Summer Internship: Microsoft
Stern Involvement: STA, SGov, AHBBS, SWIB, Adventures, SISA
Home Away From Home at Stern: AHBBS and the Consortium

Janil's Headshot

Janil Tejada

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Pre-MBA Industry: Education
Specializations: Change Management, Marketing, Leadership
Summer Internship: Boston Consulting Group
Stern Involvement: SGov, AHBBS, SWIB, Luxury & Retail, SISA
Favorite NYC Spot: Gantry State Park in Long Island City because it has the best views of Manhattan!
Pronouns: She/her

Maya's Headshot

Maya Coaxum

Hometown: Chicago, Il
Pre-MBA Employer: McMaster-Carr
Specializations: Brand Management, Global Business, Strategy
Summer Internship: PepsiCo
Stern Involvement: AHBBS, GMA, SWIB, EMSA, ACC
Home Away From Home at Stern: AHBBS (and Consortium as an extension)
Pronouns: She/her

Megan's Headshot

Megan Meza

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Pre-MBA Employer: Warner Bros. Discovery
Specializations: Marketing, Entertainment and Media, Global Business
Summer Internship: Anheuser Busch inBev
Stern Involvement: AHBBS, JSA, SGov, Study Abroad, DBi
Favorite NYC Spot: Bookclub! It's a coffeeshop that turns into a wine bar in the afternoons.
Pronouns: She/her

Nashiya's Headshot

Nashiya Moosa

Hometown: San Jose/ San Francisco, CA
Pre-MBA Employer: Bank of America
Specializations: Sustainable Business and Innovation, Leadership and Change Management, Strategy
Summer Internship: Deloitte Consulting
Stern Involvement: MCA, SWIB, SGov, Stern Speaks, SABAS, Follies, SISA
Favorite NYC Spot: Coffee shops! I love checking out new coffee shops around the city and reading by myself or with friends!
Pronouns: She/her

Ximena's Headshot

Ximena Tellez

Hometown: Peru/Florida/Maryland
Pre-MBA Employer: Prudential
Specializations: Leadership and Change Management, Strategy, Tech Product Management
Summer Internship: Ernst & Young
Stern Involvement: AHBBS, SGov, GEMS, Follies, MCA, SWIB, LABA
Favorite NYC Spot: Washington Square Park - it's a great spot to people watch and take a breather from the fast-paced environment of the city!
Pronouns: She/her

Max's Headshot

Max Soifer

Hometown: Tacoma, WA
Pre-MBA Employer: Gymnastics Coach
Specializations: Finance, Strategy, and Global Business
Summer Internship: CitiGroup
Stern Involvement: SGov, MCA, SWIB, Follies, JSA, Stern Chats, Stern Softball, Career Mentor
Home Away From Home at Stern: The student body is such a tight knit community and I've never felt like I belong anywhere else as much as I feel like I belong at Stern.
Pronouns: He/him