Asia Alumni Panel

Stern Alumni from Indonesia, Thailand, and China share their experiences at Stern. Alumni and current students discuss how the Stern MBA has helped propel them into their careers and the Asian community at Stern. Hosted live: 11/12/20
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Careers in Consulting at Stern

Join members of Stern's Management Consulting Association to hear about life in consulting at Stern. Learn about the variety of resources available to those interested in consulting at Stern. Hosted live: 10/23/19.
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Careers in Tech & Entrepreneurship at Stern

Members of our Entrepreneurship & Startup Association and the Stern Technology Association provide an overview of these industries at Stern. Learn about the clubs, recruiting, and resources available for these industries at Stern. Hosted live: 12/11/19.

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Stern Alumnae Perspectives

Women are one of the largest and strongest communities at Stern. In this webinar, Stern alumnae share their personal stories on how their time at Stern helped them achieve personal and professional success. Hosted live: 02/03/23.

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A sign on NYU's campus pointing to its other global sites

Community at Stern: International Clubs

International students make up over 30% of Stern's student body. Join members of international affinity clubs to hear about their experience finding community at Stern. Hosted live: 12/4/19.
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Stern Alumni Affinity Groups Panel

What does it mean to be a member of Stern's alumni community? Our alumni are making an impact in a variety of different industries. Hear from alums within NYU Stern’s Alumni Council Affinity Groups as they share their perspective on what it means to be a member of the Stern alumni network, and discuss how they have leveraged their experience at Stern to pursue successful careers. Hosted live: 04/11/23.

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Students writing about marketing on a white board

Getting Creative with Your MBA at Stern

Current Stern students discuss pursuing careers in healthcare, social enterprise, real estate, and more. Listen to learn about resources for these industries and how to maximize the potential of your Stern MBA. Hosted live: 2/10/20.
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Marketing at Stern - Graduate Marketing Association

Join members of Stern's Graduate Marketing Association to learn about the opportunities available to those pursuing marketing at Stern. Current students will share their experiences and dive into the resources available. Hosted live: 10/29/20
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Alumni gather at an Outclass rooftop soiree

OutClass LGBTQ+ Online Event

Former and current members of Stern's LGBTQ+ Club, OutClass, discuss their community at Stern and what they've enjoyed most about their experience. Hosted live: 9/24/20.
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Where A Stern MBA Can Take You: Alumnae Panel

Genevieve Kenny Boron, Director of Career Coaching, Full-time MBA Programs, speaks with Stern alumnae at various stages in their careers. The alumnae reflect on their time in the MBA and speak to how they’ve leveraged the degree and alumni network since graduating from Stern. Hosted live: 9/19/22.

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