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Full-time MBA | Bryan Wright

MBA Alumni Bryan Wright
Student Voices

Bryan Wright, MBA 2012

  • Hometown
    Pittsburgh, PA
  • Undergraduate
    School: Penn State University
    Major: Business Management
  • Pre-MBA Role
    Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting
  • Current Role
    Enterprise Partnerships Manager, DoorDash
  • Specializations at Stern
    Accounting, Finance, Strategy
  • Student Clubs
    Management Consulting Association,Vice President of Casing
    Management & Strategy Club,Vice President of Conference
    Stern Cellar, Vice President of Marketing 

What is your most treasured NYC spot?

I know everyone sweats Central Park, but I honestly prefer Bryant Park -- can't beat the Summer Movie Nights Series.

What was your favorite class at Stern?

My favorite class and professor are directly related to each other: Managing Growing Companies with Professor Glenn Okun. Similar to many other instructors at Stern, Professor Okun brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the classroom. But what really sets him apart is the uniqueness of his character and personality that come through in his teaching style that makes each class not only rewarding educationally, but also entertaining.

How did you find a sense of community and support within Stern?

I have always subscribed to the belief that getting involved makes everything feel smaller, whether you're attending a new school, joining a new company, or moving to a new city. The Stern community is incredibly strong and supportive, all you have to do is put yourself out there just a little and the rest will take care of itself.

How did our NYC setting prepare you for success?

I used to say this all the time when giving tours at Stern: regardless of the industry you're pursuing, chances are that company has significant operations or is headquartered in the New York City area. It sounds incredibly obvious (and it is), but it's surprising how few people consider it or take full advantage of it. Having access to such an extensive network of individuals that work at the firms you are targeting, and having them be only a short subway ride away (as opposed to a train or flight) is worth its weight in gold. Sure there are exceptions to this, but the overwhelming majority of situations hold true. Take advantage of it.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

To the extent possible, come into the semester with an answer to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Nobody is going to hold you to what was written in your essays, so be honest with yourself. Having a strong sense for what you want to pursue (or at least think what you want to pursue) will help immensely because companies will arrive early and often, so knowing where to target is paramount.

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