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Society of the Torch

NYU Stern gratefully acknowledges the donors who have recognized the importance of planning their philanthropy through bequests and other arrangements.

NYU Stern celebrates our members of the Society of the Torch, a special group of alumni, faculty, and friends who have provided for the Stern School and its students through a gift in their will or other estate plan.

The Society finds its inspiration in a ceremony conducted during the University's commencement exercises, when a senior faculty member passes the University Torch to the youngest undergraduate degree candidate. Just as the passing of the Torch symbolizes the continuity of learning, membership in the Society honors supporters who share the foresight and commitment that enables NYU Stern to fulfill its mission of passing the light of knowledge to future generations.

Members of the Society who have provided for NYU Stern through a bequest or other estate plan arrangement will receive: invitations to select special events, including Stern’s annual Haskins Award Dinner and its Spring Scholarship Reception; an exclusive lapel pin only available to Society of the Torch members; and regular updates on the latest developments at the Stern School.

Already planned a meaningful legacy gift to Stern? Let us know. We want to thank you and ensure your gift is used exactly as you intend. Contact Kathleen Koehler at 212-998-0596 or to make your generosity known. 

Anonymous (10)
Alfred B. Abraham BS '41*Ɨ
Edward I. Altman and Elaine Altman
Thomas G. Angelo BS '67*
L. Michael Aschoff MBA '84/PA '88
Phyllis Putter Barasch MBA '81*
Philip Baron MBA '57/PhD '74Ɨ
Edward E. Barr BS '57*
Stanley L. Barrish BS '66/MBA '68*
Maureen Bryson Barton MBA '80 and William H. Barton, Jr. MBA '78
Alena G. Beerman MBA '13
Estate of Robert L. BeermanƗ
Stacey I. Beerman MBA '16
Catherine H. Behrend MBA '85
Bruce Berger BS '66* and Susan Berger*
John H. Bess MBA '75*
Gilbert L. Bieger BS '48Ɨ
Mary Tanaskovic Bitting BS '68/MBA '71*
Estate of Mamdouha S. Bobst
Estate of Berton M. Brodie BS '49Ɨ
Aron BrombergƗ
Vinod Busjeet MBA '75*
Estate of Mary J. CalabroƗ
Alan S. Chandross MBA '95
Jerry Cohen BS '53/MBA '59
Kenneth J. Cohen BS '48Ɨ
Kenneth S. Cohen BS '64 and Deborah G. Cohen
Carlton B. Crenshaw MBA '71
Diane L. Crook MBA '96*
Estate of Frances C. Damon BS '57/MBA '61Ɨ
Dennis J. De Lisle MBA '76
Alexander De Lucia MBA '82
Michael P. Denkensohn BS '73*
Mary Dettling-Wright
Norman M. Eiger BS '49*
Gloria G. EinhornƗ
Paul H. Einhorn BS '39Ɨ
Martin Ellman BS '63*
Estate Of Clyde I. Hicks MBA '90Ɨ
Simon Fischer BS '59*
Stuart S. Flamberg BS '64
Edward A. Fox MBA '75
Estate of Kenneth I. Frankenthaler BS '52
Nomi Ghez ADCR '81*
Richard N. Gordon BS '75/MBA '77
Alexander Gould BS '64/MBA '69Ɨ
Carl W. Greene MBA '60
Stanley R. Greenwood BS '72
Robert Greer BS '58
Jeffrey M. Haitkin BS '68Ɨ
Michael Wagdi Hanna MBA '04*
Edgar B. Hebard MBA '73
Estate of Rita Post Hertzig
Rita Post HertzigƗ
Diana E. HerzogƗ
John E. Herzog MBA '71
Estate of John R. Hester MBA '79Ɨ
Norman Himelberg BS '58*
Donald L. Honerkamp PhD '76
Estate of Arthur L. Horniker*
Jeffrey E. Jarrett MBA '63/PhD '67 and Ruth Kurnow Jarrett
Alan L. Kaganov MBA '66Ɨ
Howard T. Kaminsky MBA '86
Judith-Noelle Lamb BS '78/MBA '80
C. Erik Larson MBA '60Ɨ
Robert R. Lawrence BS '65
Mitchell Levine BS '75
Norman Levine BS '56
Carol E. Lewis MBA '59*
Shan Lin MBA '04
Rita M. Maldonado-Bear PhD '69*
Stephen M. Maresca MBA '74
Robert A. Marra BS '62*
Estate of Frank R. Mayo
Christine DeMaio Morena BS '76/MBA '81 and Joseph M. Morena BS '75
Stephen K. Mueller MBA '87
Richard C. Nerod MBA '63Ɨ
Jan Harlan Newman BS '72*
Richard J. Novick BS '68* and Jane C. Novick*
Morton Nyman BS '54Ɨ and Mildred Nyman
Herbert Morton Paul MBA '56
George A. Peterson BS '42Ɨ
Susan A. Phillips MBA '88
Eve Pollack MS '48Ɨ
David D. Pustilnik BS '52*
Elaine Rees BS '69
Fred B. Renwick MBA '65/PhD '66Ɨ
Heinz Riehl
Estate of Lance RoepeƗ
Rhoda C. Rothkopf MBA '77*
Estate of Vincent J. Rotondo BS '57
Vincent J. Rotondo BS '57Ɨ
Joanne Reiman Santoriello MBA '76* and Peter A. Santoriello MBA '73*
Estate of Christine Schneider MBA '94Ɨ
Christine A. Schneider MBA '94Ɨ
Robert A. Schneider BS '64
Marjorie Shields BS '46Ɨ
David C. Silver BS '65
Donald K. Simms BS '58Ɨ
Barbara E. Smith MBA '75*
David M. Smith MBA '72*
Joseph F. Spagnola BS '81*
Mark M. Spradley MBA '06
William E. Steckman PhD '67
Leonard N. Stern BS '57/MBA '59* and Allison Stern*
Estate of Walter Strauss MBA '47Ɨ
Irene E. Szopo BS '68/MBA '69/PhD '72*
Albert J. Thomson BS '61Ɨ
John A. Tokar MBA '60/PhD '62Ɨ
Peter J. Toth BS '84*
John J. Weiss BS '42/MBA '49Ɨ
Robert F. Wright MBA '51Ɨ
Martin J. Wygod BS '61
Estate of Donald M. Young MBA '67Ɨ
Dale E. Zand MBA '49/PhD '54
Anna Lowenthal Zell BS '48Ɨ

If you have questions about your listing or would like more information on how you can contribute, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 212-998-4161.

* Denotes consistent giving of five or more years
Ɨ Denotes deceased