Changemaker with a Mission

Sebastian Suarez headshot
Sebastian Suarez (BS ’22) describes himself as “a proactive advocate for social change in the business world.” While applying to college, he was drawn to NYU Stern’s sustainable business program and the social impact curriculum. “Having the opportunity to receive an education that had an equal focus on soft skills and contemporary issues was intriguing to me,” he said.     

While in high school, Sebastian served as Florida’s statewide chair of Students Working Against Tobacco, where he learned to mobilize individuals across the state to make an impact in their communities. “I believe that with a strong message to assist others in finding their passions, I can develop a more productive business environment that emphasizes human capital and understands people’s role in their community,” he said.

He is spending the fall semester at Copenhagen Business School, via Stern’s International Business Exchange Program (IBEX). While at the Washington Square campus, he was active in Stern student life, working with the Student Council and as an orientation leader and Cohort Leadership Program Guide, assisting incoming students with navigating Stern, NYU, and NYC.  

The Breakthrough Scholarship not only made it possible for him to attend Stern, he said, “It fundamentally changed my college experience. To me, the Breakthrough Program is synonymous with opportunity and provides the necessary resources to succeed at NYU and in the business world.”
Sebastian has recently accepted a full-time offer to be a consultant in EY’s People Advisory Services, where he has interned. He expressed excitement about this next step, saying “It feels like the right match for me, as my values align with those of the practice and I get to engage directly in cultural and change issues, which I find to be my strong suit. Aside from my career, I hope that I can continue to give back to the communities that have offered me the chance to succeed.”