A Healthcare Global Champion

Lindsey Dietschi (MBA ’11), Vice President, Internal Medicine and Antiviral Key Account Management, Pfizer
Lindsey Dietschi (MBA ’11), Vice President, Internal Medicine and Antiviral Management Team, Pfizer

Lindsey Dietschi (MBA ’11) shares her experience rolling out Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in the Gulf countries, how following her passions at work has propelled her career forward, and why she is so invested in giving back to Stern as an adjunct professor and member of the Alumni Council.



How many people can say they have both helped stop a global pandemic and prevented children from dying from preventable diseases? Those are just two of the many accomplishments that Lindsey Dietschi (MBA ’11), a vice president who leads Pfizer’s Internal Medicine and Antiviral Management team in the U.S. and the Enterprise Strategic Alliances Team, can claim from her 20 year tenure at the company.


Lindsey has had the opportunity to play many roles at Pfizer, but a recent highlight was the two years during the pandemic starting in the summer of 2020, when she packed up her family and moved to Dubai to help oversee the approval and roll out of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine as the Country Manager/Cluster Lead for the Gulf states (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen).


“Working there was very special,” shared Lindsey. “The Gulf countries have an appreciation for breakthrough science and a collective desire to accelerate the pace at which cutting-edge medicines are made available to patients.” She represented all of Pfizer’s therapeutic areas, including cancer treatments, vaccines, medicines to treat hospital infections and many others, including the Covid-19 vaccine.


Lindsey Dietschi (MBA '11)

Lindsey Dietschi (MBA ’11) during her work as the Country Manager/Cluster Lead for the Gulf countries


While in Dubai, Lindsey recalls working days, nights, and weekends for months to be able to roll out the Covid-19 vaccine once it was approved. “We had this shared goal that fueled us through exhaustion. It was incredibly motivating for all of us,” said Lindsey.


As for what it was like working in the Gulf, Lindsey said a theme of genuine care defined the people. “When I first arrived, one of my colleagues offered to pick me up at the airport and to help me find an apartment. I will carry that sort of kindness with me for the rest of my life,” she said.


Lindsey is now settled back in New York City, but with a whole new set of work responsibilities. “I have the great privilege of leading a team across the U.S. that partners with hospitals and health systems to help ensure that communities have access to care when they need it offered through Pfizer’s many therapeutic areas,” explained Dietschi.


The value of mentorship

When asked about her approach to growing a successful career at Pfizer, Lindsey shared that she was guided by following “the momentum of the things that I felt passionate about–from being part of a smoking cessation program to helping prevent diseases in vulnerable babies through vaccination programs around the world.”


But Lindsey also recognizes the role that mentorship has played in helping her advance. “Mentorship can take all forms. Sometimes a long-term mentor can give you a confidence boost,” said Lindsey. “Or it can be a 30-minute coffee with the right person who can be very powerful in helping propel you forward.”


A Michigan native who studied Spanish as an undergraduate, Lindsey credits NYU Stern for helping grow her career at Pfizer by giving her the skills and confidence to get to the next level. Since graduating, Lindsey has stayed involved with the School, serving on the Stern Alumni Council and also as an adjunct professor in business communications at Stern.


"One of the greatest contributions we can make is to share our time and energy with the people or the causes that are close to our hearts," said Lindsey. "So being able to strengthen the Stern community through the Council—that was sort of a no-brainer."


As a mother of two daughters, she doesn't have a lot of downtime. But when she has free time, she enjoys seeing live music. "Really seeing anything from shows at Madison Square Garden to Brooklyn Steel. I enjoy it all."