Pedro David Martinez (MBA ‘06) Talks About Examining Mega Trends in His New Magazine, Regius

Pedro Martinez
Pedro David Martinez (MBA ‘06) Talks About Examining Mega Trends in His New Magazine, Regius
Role: Managing Director and Founder, Regius Capital
Industry: Wealth Management
Program: Executive MBA
Pedro, an accomplished professional with extensive investment experience across a wide variety of asset classes and sectors, talks about looking at megatrends in his latest project, Regius magazine, a new publication out of his investment firm Regius Capital, what he loved about the Executive MBA program, and why his hometown Monterrey in Mexico is a thriving business hub in Latin America.
You recently launched Regius magazine for Regius Capital. Tell us about what content you plan to focus on and who the target audience is?
Regius Capital is an independent advisory firm that serves Family Offices and Ultra-High-Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs). Our purpose is to have a deep understanding of how the global economy, financial markets and megatrends work in order to assist investors allocating their capital efficiently.
At the start of the pandemic, I did some reflecting and got the idea for the magazine as a way to talk about big changes happening around the world. We wanted to look at megatrends that are transformational forces shaping the future – AI, blockchain, climate change, cryptocurrency, fair trade, health, human rights, political tensions– and to do it in a way that brings these together.
Regius is a premium digital magazine that aims to bring unique and relevant content by engaging global business leaders, entrepreneurs, institutional investors, family offices, and industry experts to share their ideas, wisdom, and perspective on megatrends. No matter what stage in the business cycle we are - economic expansion, peak, contraction or trough - megatrends are unstoppable forces that will continue to drive and shape the future of business worldwide.

Our target audience is very broad and we hope to provide the right forum to engage everyone.
Have you worked with any Stern faculty on articles for Regius magazine?
I’ve had the honor of working with a couple of Stern faculty on the first issue. Professor Ed Altman did a story on the credit cycle under the COVID-19 pandemic and Professor Ingo Walter did a piece on cryptocurrency and whether it can preserve long term secrecy. It was incredibly exciting to work with both of them, and I am hoping we can work with more Stern faculty in the future. 
As a leader in investment advising, what leadership skills do you most value, especially in an ever changing business world we now live in?
Even though the world is changing, there are essential values that we must uphold: trust and integrity. When it comes to investing and wealth management, establishing trust and maintaining integrity are absolutely critical. As a business person in today’s world, it is also important to be disciplined, creative, flexible, a team player and to practice perseverance and patience and have an entrepreneurial mindset.
What drew you to Stern for your MBA?
At the time I was working with a hedge fund in New York City and I wanted to pursue an MBA. Stern’s Executive MBA program was a logical fit because of the School’s reputation in finance, its top faculty, the culture, and the alumni network. Plus the structure of the EMBA program fit well into my schedule. It was challenging to balance work, school, and family, but it was a wonderful experience.
What were your most valuable Stern experiences and fondest memories?
I loved meeting students from all over the world and getting exposure to new cultures. I also loved the EMBA global study program. We went to Hungary and Poland the first year, and then Mexico City and Monterrey the second. During these trips we had the chance to meet business leaders, industry experts, and finance ministers. It was very exciting.
How have you stayed engaged with NYU Stern?
I’ve been working with NYU on alumni events across schools here in Monterrey. We have Stern alumni, undergraduate alumni, and lawyers coming out to events–a cross section of industries. I have also returned to NYC to attend Stern reunions and connect with my former classmates whenever I can. And now more recently, I have the chance to work with a few of the faculty on Regius magazine.
Can you share how Monterrey is becoming a hub for the business community in Mexico?
Monterrey was founded in 1596 and has been a leading industrial city since 1890. Today Monterrey is one of the most important business and affluent cities in Mexico. It is a very entrepreneurial city with a number of industries that evolved from textile to steel, banks, beer, and glass. It was also the place where George Bush Sr. visited in 1992 for talks about NAFTA. So there has been a lot of business happening here for a long while, and the proximity to the US, in particular Texas, also helps foster business relations. Over the years, Monterrey has evolved into a business hub for not just Mexico, but for all of Latin America.
What are your favorite things to do in your hometown of Monterrey?
I like to spend time outdoors. There are mountains close by that are great for walking and hiking, so it’s a great area for exploring just outside the city.
Have you started any new hobbies during the pandemic?
I didn’t start any new hobbies, but I went back to playing Chess, a game I used to play in Harvard Square when I lived in Boston. The game was great, but I had become a little rusty. So now I’ve brushed up on my Chess skills and often play games online.
Where are you hoping to go for your next vacation?
I’m thinking my next spot to visit is Japan to learn more about their fascinating culture, engage in delightful culinary experiences, visit top landmarks and hop on the bullet trains. I’d like to try going in the summer, before the Olympics.

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