Investor Pedro David Martinez (MBA ’06) Creates An Online Magazine to Explore Global Trends

Pedro Martinez
“No matter what stage in the business cycle we are—economic expansion, peak, contraction, or trough—megatrends are unstoppable forces that will continue to drive and shape the future of business worldwide.” That’s how Pedro David Martinez (MBA '06) explains his decision to plunge into the media space with a new online magazine published by his investment firm Regius Capital.

A global investment professional with stints at Deloitte, KPMG, and Condor Securities behind him, Martinez is an accomplished global investment professional with extensive experience across a wide variety of asset classes and sectors. Regius Capital, which he founded after earning his Executive MBA at NYU Stern, is an independent advisory firm based in Monterrey, Mexico, that serves family offices and ultra-high-net worth individuals. “Our purpose is to have a deep understanding of how the global economy, financial markets, and megatrends work in order to assist investors allocating their capital efficiently,” Martinez said.

The idea for the new digital-only magazine, Regius, was hatched as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to wreak big changes around the world. “We wanted to look at megatrends that are transformational forces shaping the future–AI, blockchain, climate change, cryptocurrency, fair trade, health, human rights, political tensions–and to do it in a way that brings these together.” Contributors could include global business leaders, entrepreneurs, institutional investors, family offices, and industry experts. The premiere issue featured, among others, Stern Professor Edward Altman on the credit cycle under the COVID-19 pandemic and Professor Emeritus Ingo Walter on cryptocurrency and secrecy.

Martinez earned his MBA while working at a New York hedge fund. “Stern’s Executive MBA program was a logical fit because of the School’s reputation in finance, its top faculty, the culture, and the alumni network. Plus the structure of the EMBA program fit well into my schedule. It was challenging to balance work, school, and family, but it was a wonderful experience.”

Much to his delight, he found that the program nurtured a global perspective. “I loved meeting students from all over the world and getting exposure to new cultures. I also loved the EMBA global study program. We went to Hungary and Poland the first year, and then Mexico City and Monterrey the second. During these trips we had the chance to meet business leaders, industry experts, and finance ministers. It was very exciting.”