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Alumni Council

The council consists of dedicated alumni volunteers and ambassadors.

The Alumni Council works with the administration to guide alumni programming and support School initiatives and philanthropy.

Meet the Council

Alan Gallo's headshot

Alan Gallo (BS '87, MBA '90)

Alan Gallo is the chair of the Alumni Council, and is Executive Vice President, Global Business Services at American Express.

Shahryar Bachani, BS '16

Shahryar Bachani (BS '16)

Shahryar Bachani is the Co-Chair of the Recent Graduates Committee, and is a recent graduate of NYU Stern where he concentrated in Finance and Management with extensive coursework in Accounting and Social Entrepreneurship.

Dan DeVece, MBA '15

Dan DeVece, (MBA '15)

Dan DeVece is the Vice Chair, Student Partnerships/Recent Grad Programming, and is a marketing and sales professional working as a consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Marcia Friedkin, MBA '13

Marcia Friedkin (MBA '13)

Marcia Friedkin is the Vice Chair, Recruitment and is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).

Meredith Gertler, MBA '04

Meredith Gertler (MBA '04)

Meredith Gertler is a member of the Student Partnerships/Recent Grad Subcommittee, and is the EVP, Program Strategy & Planning at HBO.

Russell Isaacson, MBA '07

Russell Isaacson (MBA '07)

Russell Isaacson is the Marketing Committee Chair and is a member of the Affinity Programs Subcommittee. His experience on both the buy and sell sides of the programmatic digital supply chain informs his position as VP Sales for the anti-ad fraud technology provider, Protected Media.

Steven Kassin

Steven Kassin (BS '07)

Steve Kassin the Vice Chair of Philanthropy and is the Founder and Managing Partner of Infinity Real Estate, a privately-owned developer, owner, and manager of high quality real estate headquartered in New York City.

Kanuj Malhotra

Kanuj Malhotra (MBA '98)

Kanuj Malhotra serves on the Philanthropy Subcommittee and is the EVP of Corporate Development at Barnes & Noble Education, Inc.

Jennifer Meacham

Jennifer Meacham (MBA '15)

Jennifer serves as Vice Chair of Affinity Programs and is Vice President, Goldman Sachs Engineering Chief of Staff.

Philipp Nuzhdin

Philipp Nuzhdin (BS '12)

Philipp Nuzhdin is Vice Chair, Signature Events and is Vice President, Investment Banking at TD Securities.

Serge Permyakoff

Serge Permyakoff (MBA '15)

Serge is Vice Chair, Student Partnerships/Recent Grad Programming. He is Vice President, Senior Wealth Management Lending Officer at Bank of America.

Daniel Rubin

Daniel Rubin (MBA '04)

Daniel serves as Vice Chair of Affinity Programs and is co-founding partner and COO/CFO at YAD Capital.

Misha Shvedoff

Misha Shvedoff (MBA '11)

Misha serves as Vice Chair of Regional Programs and is Vice President at Deutsche Bank.

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor (MBA '14)

Michael is the Military Veterans Committee Chair and is Vice President at JPMorgan Chase.

John Vermeer

John Vermeer (MBA '12)

John is the Alumni Council Representative for the EMT Committee and is Senior Vice President, Business Development & Partnerships at iHeartMedia.

Tony Watkins

Tony Watkins (MBA '11)

Tony serves as Vice Chair, Digital Connections and is the Head of Industry, IAC/InterActive Brands (Global) at Google.