Laura Bueno de Greco (MBA ‘12)

Laura Beuno de Greco MBA '12
Senior Marketing Manager | LISTERINE® Innovation | Oral Care Franchise at Johnson & Johnson
Laura shared her experience working on iconic consumer brands at J&J and what it means to have been recognized as 'Working Mother of the Year'.
NYU Stern Program: Full-Time MBA Program
Industry: Consumer Healthcare

You’ve been at Johnson & Johnson for 7 years working on different consumer brands. Can you share one of your proudest accomplishments.  
It is rare to have an opportunity to leave your fingerprints on a more iconic brand than BAND-AID®. I had the unique chance to lead the BAND-AID® redesign nearing its 100 year anniversary with a new platform architecture and upgraded claims to improve the consumer shopping experience and drive differentiation within the category.       

You were at EY before coming to Stern for your MBA. What drew you to NYU Stern and the switch to consumer healthcare marketing?
I loved the time I spent at EY as a consultant—it truly helped me understand a range of industries and client challenges. However, I always knew I wanted to be in the driver’s seat owning both the challenge and the implementation of a solution. I now love the ownership and accountability that comes with managing a brand and seeing ideas, recommendations and execution of action plans from beginning to end.

You were recognized this year as Johnson & Johnson’s ‘Working Mother of the Year’. What did that award mean to you?
There is no more meaningful badge of honor than to be recognized among the inspiring tribe of working mothers that I have the privilege to work with every day. At J&J I am surrounded by the fiercest, smartest, most ingenious business leaders who also often happen to be some of the most nurturing, empathetic, and kind-hearted women that I know. To represent all of these badass moms and motivate new generations of moms within my organization is a huge honor.
Are there trends or changes in the approach to consumer healthcare marketing over the last decade, especially given the prominence of social media vs. traditional outlets? 
Consumers are increasingly taking ownership of their own health and wellness.  For us at J&J this means being more responsive to their evolving needs that may extend beyond the pill or the bottle but into other formats of services that round out their wellness journey. 
As a working mother of three, do you have any advice for current students and recent grads on how to approach managing family with a successful career?
Find an organization that values the complete equation of who you are. Be transparent about your values and priorities and if that includes family give them visibility to that too. Invest in building a village (no prizes for doing it all yourself) so that you can flex for the changing needs of family and work along your journey.
What are your fondest Stern memories?
Planning Block 1 events with Brendan Murnane; any class with Marciano/Okun/Damodoran; Beer Blasts; South Africa Spring Break; winning Galloways Brand Strategy Olympics with Sophie Scharf and Juston Payne; LABA parties and DBi in China.

How have you stayed connected to Stern?
Staying connected to campus and other NY-based Sternies has been more challenging as a working mom in the burbs but we’ve made it work. I often come back to campus for J&J recruiting events and conferences and try to stay connected to Sternie friends and their growing families via social media or drinks in the city when I can escape.

Now for a fun facts! Where is the last place you went for vacation?  
Colombia to visit family.

Favorite show you’re streaming? 
Succession (but like a good working mom, I’m so behind!)

Laura will be part of a panel on "Transitioning into Working Motherhood" hosted by SWIB/Alumni Relations on Wednesday, December 4th at 6:00 PM. Learn more