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Alumni | $1M Cumulative Giving

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Leadership Giving

$1M Cumulative Giving

The School is thrilled to recognize donors who have made transformational contributions amounting to over $1 million to NYU Stern throughout their lifetime

Anonymous (47)
Tania Ahuja PhD '01*
Beny Alagem
Antonio C. Alvarez, II MBA '76*
American Express Company
American Express Foundation
Gloria Bañuelos de Castro Ruiz BS '20
Enrique Bañuelos de Castro
Estate of Vincenza M. Baratta BS '71
Philip Bardes BS '32/JD '33Ɨ
Edward E. Barr BS '57*
Dietrich Becker MBA '91*
Harvey Beker MBA '75* and Jayne G. Beker MBA '82*
Bruce Berger BS '66* and Susan Berger*
William R. Berkley BS '66* and Marjorie Berkley*
Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson BS '91
Estate of Mamdouha S. Bobst
Estate of Cyrus BullƗ
John A. Catsimatidis
Charles C.Y. Chen MBA '91*
Citi Foundation
Kenneth J. Cohen BS '48Ɨ
Pamela J. Craig MBA '84* and Robert V. Delaney, Jr. MS '82*
Carlton B. Crenshaw MBA '71
Christina M. Dennis BS '80*
Mary Dettling-Wright
Deutsche Post DHL
Norman M. Eiger BS '49*
Martin Ellman BS '63*
Elizabeth Elting Foundation
Elizabeth Elting MBA '92 and Michael N. Burlant
Mary C. Farrell MBA '76
Frank J. Fertitta, III*
Lorenzo J. Fertitta MBA '93*
Barry K. Fingerhut MBA '69
Laurence D. Fink
Foundation to Promote Open Society
Edward A. Fox MBA '75
Estate of H. Gordon FreemanƗ
Estate of Joseph J. Galdi
Christopher M. Gallea BS '88
Scott Galloway
Charlotte GardnerƗ
Joseph H. Gardner BS '49Ɨ
Peter J. Gaston
Nomi Ghez ADCRT '81*
Howard Gilman Foundation
Abraham L. GitlowƗ
Goldman Sachs & Company*
Alexander Gould BS '64/MBA '69Ɨ
Estate of Alexander Gould BS '64/MBA '69
Robert Greifeld MBA '87*
Estate of Richard S. Hamilton BS '27Ɨ
Estate of Rita Post Hertzig
Diana E. HerzogƗ
John E. Herzog MBA '71
Estate of Mary McMahon Hollaender MS '47
Daniel W. Holmes, Jr. BS '64/MBA '65Ɨ
Fumiko Hosoda
Hyundai Motor America
Hyundai Motor Group
Takeshi IizukaƗ
Arthur Edward Imperatore, Sr.Ɨ
Estate of Marjorie S. Isaac
J. P. Morgan Chase and Co.
The Japan Foundation New York
William H. Joyce MBA '71/PhD '84
Howard P. Kagan MBA '87 and Janet L. Maisel Kagan MBA '95
Alan L. Kaganov MBA '66Ɨ
Henry Kaufman PhD '58
George A. Kellner MBA '73
Estate of Margarete E. Kennedy
Edward M. Kerschner MBA '75
Kia Motors America
David Y. Ko BS '93* and Jennifer Ko
Richard Jay Kogan MBA '68*
Andrew Kohlberg
Andre J.L. Koo MBA '94*
Jeffrey L.S. Koo MBA '62Ɨ
Abraham Krasnoff BS '50Ɨ
Julienne KrasnoffƗ
Henry R. Kravis
Henry J. Krooss Charitable
Joseph P. Landy MBA '96 and Mary P. Landy*
Kenneth G. Langone MBA '60* and Mrs. Elaine Langone*
Reuben S. Leibowitz MBA '75
David S. Loeb BS '51Ɨ
Louis C. Lucido MBA '97
Zhaoming Luo and Yiling Linda Ruan
Tammy Makhoul MBA '98 and Georges Makhoul
Alison J. Mass BS '80/MBA '81*
Estate of Mary Massari
Estate of Frank R. Mayo BS '59
Estate of Jacob B. Melnick BS '19
Howard M. Meyers BS '64*
Philip L. Milstein MBA '74* and Cheryl Milstein*
Timothy H. Moe MBA '84*
Peter A. Morton
Stanley Moss MS '17 and Lisa Moss
Mother Cabrini Health Foundation
NASDAQ Educational Foundation, Inc.
Craig Newmark* and Eileen Newmark*
Nichols Foundation, Inc.
Henry E. Niles BS '35Ɨ
Nomura Securities Co. Ltd.
Morton Nyman BS '54Ɨ
Open Society Foundations
Kenshin Oshima
Daniel P. Paduano MBA '69
Estate of Adelaide Paganelli
John A. Paulson BS '78
Evelyn K. PetersonƗ
George A. Peterson BS '42Ɨ
Estate of Rudolf Pizl BS '42
Estate of Robert Pollak
Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
Michael F. Price
Estate of Edlyn RacoosinƗ
Estate of Theodore R. Racoosin BS '16 and Edlyn RacoosinƗ
Ari E. Rennert BS '01
Ira Leon Rennert MBA '56 and Inge Rennert
Darren Lewis Richman MBA '00
Fred M. Richman BS '42Ɨ
Elissa Richman* and James S. "Great Neck" Richman*
Heinz Riehl
Brett B. Rochkind BS '98*
James B. Rosenwald, III MBA '84
Estate of Vincent J. Rotondo BS '57
Vincent J. Rotondo BS '57Ɨ
Franck A. Ruimy MBA '02*
Jane Dresner Sadaka MBA '80
William R. SalomonƗ
Suresh Lal Sani
Sanwa Bank Limited
Stewart A. Satter MBA '82* and Susan D. Satter*
Ellen J. Schapps Richman MBA '79 and Richard P. Richman*
James SchlesingerƗ
Estate of Christine Schneider MBA '94
Christine A. Schneider MBA '94Ɨ
Thomas W. Sidlik BS '71 and Rebecca Anne Boylan
Klara Silverstein and Larry A. Silverstein
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Professor Roy C. SmithƗ
The John Ben Snow Memorial Trust
Martin T. Sosnoff MBA '65
Robert E. Stansky MBA '83 and Kathleen McMahon Stansky*
The Starr Foundation
William E. Steckman PhD '67
Leonard N. Stern BS '57/MBA '59 and Allison Stern*
Minhua Sun
Paul P. Tanico BS '77
Laurence A. Tisch BS '42Ɨ
Preston Robert TischƗ
Toyota Motor Corporation
Richard Ming-Hsing Tsai MBA '81*
Jean-Paul Valles PhD '67
Estate of Egbert H. Van Delden MBA '37
Kuei-Fong Wang MBA '97/MPhil '99*
Kuei-Shyan Wang MBA '96*
Joyce S. Wolitzer MBA '91* and Steven B. Wolitzer BS '73*
Robert F. Wright MBA '51Ɨ
Martin J. Wygod BS '61
Libin Xing
Yu Peggy Yu MBA '92
Steven M. Zelin MBA '91*

If you have questions about your listing or would like more information on how you can contribute, please contact the Office of Development & Alumni Relations at 212-998-4161.

* Denotes consistent giving of five or more years
Ɨ Denotes deceased