NYU Stern Alumni Gather for a Technology Roundtable for School Updates and Trend Sharing

images of people on a Zoom call smiling
This November, JP Eggers, vice dean, MBA and Graduate Programs, held a Technology Roundtable with alumni from the industry to share an update on Stern and hear firsthand about trends within the industry. The virtual event, coordinated by the office of corporate relations, brought together alumni from American Express, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Mastercard, Microsoft, Salesforce, Uber, and Verizon. “This kind of dialogue continues our engagement with our alumni and helps shape our thinking about Stern’s approach to technology in light of insights from key industry partners,” said JP Eggers, vice dean of MBA and Graduate Programs.

Eggers thanked the alumni for continuing to be strong partners and for all they do to support Stern students throughout their internships and employment search to hosting treks to partnering on Stern Solutions, an experiential learning collaboration with companies. He pointed out the rapid rise in student interest in technology roles has the tech sector squarely in the top three employment outcomes for Stern MBAs.

Student interest in the tech sector is strong and the Stern Technology Association (STA) has seen a 10% year-over-year growth in membership. Stern normally takes students on treks to the West Coast, visiting Seattle and San Francisco. This year, because all treks will take place virtually, allowing for greater flexibility in terms of timing, Stern is able to engage with more firms than in prior years. 

The San Francisco trek in November will include visits with Apple, LinkedIn, Intuit, and Uber and the Seattle trek in December will include Zillow, Tableau, Starbucks and Nike. The club successfully completed a virtual case competition this month with four alumni from Mastercard serving as judges.