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Graduates of 2019 walking forward
Why Give?

Class Gift Campaigns

Graduating students can contribute to their class's legacy by participating in their Class Gift.

Full-Time MBA & One-Year MBA Legacy Class Gift Campaign

Langone MBA Legacy Class Gift Campaign

Undergraduate Stern 1831 Fund

Class Gift Campaigns are an excellent way for graduating classes to leave Stern with a lasting impact. Join your classmates in starting your legacy by making a gift that will allow students from future generations to further their education at Stern!

The School is grateful to the graduating students who contributed to their class's legacy by participating in their Class Gift. See a full list of donors.

A Case for Starting Your Legacy

Participation Matters

When corporations and foundations are looking to donate to Stern, they frequently look at our participation rates. Your participation helps reinforce Stern as a leading institution to invest in, thus continuing to propel Stern as a top business school. If alumni see an active community and growing engagement, especially among younger classes, they are more encouraged to give, mentor, recruit, and network.

Pay it Forward

If you enjoyed your time at Stern, giving back ensures that generations after you can have access to the same opportunities. Some day soon you may want to recruit these students!

Healthy Competition

Every 4 donors raises our participation rate by over 1%! Stern aspires to reach participation rates near 90% where peer schools hover. Let’s show them what Stern can do!


You don't want to be the only one missing from the graduation brochure and not have cords to go with your robe! Participating now greatly increases your likelihood of staying involved in the future, maintaining the network you just built over the last few years and keeping you connected with your classmates and with Stern.

Your Gift Dollars Make an Impact

Your Class Gift donation goes toward the Stern Fund, which supports scholarships, faculty research, student experience, and lifelong alumni programs and professional support. Or, if you'd like, you can designate 100% of your gift to scholarships! Select the allocation of your choice when giving.
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