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Student speaker at Scholarship Reception
Alumni Events

Scholarship Reception

To celebrate the transformative power of scholarship, the annual Scholarship Reception brings together generous donors and their accomplished scholarship recipients.

The next Scholarship Reception will be held on March 28, 2023. The School is grateful to all those who support the next generation of business leaders through scholarship.

Students chat in front of the arch at Washington Square Park

Establishing a Scholarship

To fulfill the mission to educate the world's most promising students, Stern must offer the resources and opportunity to excel, regardless of economic background. Currently, Stern falls below peer schools in being able to meet full financial need—but with the help from donors who support scholarship, the School is working hard to close this gap.
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Scholarship donor and recipient during the 2020 Scholarship Reception
Alumni Events

Scholarship Reception 2020 Highlights

NYU Trustees, members of the Stern Board of Overseers, generous donors, and students gathered at the 2020 Scholarship Reception.