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Alumni Dinner Discussion: The Rise of Cryptocurrency


Join us for a small discussion to share our knowledge and discuss the future of cryptocurrency.

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BitCoin has already entered the realm of industry jargon, yet have you heard of its lucrative competitors Ethereum or Ripple? Cryptocurrency extends far beyond the surface of what's talked about in social circles, and has wider implications than new e-coins. Join us to discuss the future of crypto. Together we'll see if we can figure out why Jamie Dimon changed his mind and regrets calling BitCoin a “fraud.” 

Registration is limited to 10 people to ensure a focused discussion. Once full, please join the waitlist and look out for future Alumni Dinner Discussions.

Hosts: Recent Grad Committee Member Rachel Levine-Ramirez (BS '16) and Ryan Piela (MBA '18)

Price: $20
Includes family-style dinner and drinks