Michael Crawbuck (BS '20) Shares How Stern Network Helped Him Learn About the Entertainment Industry and Land a Job at NBCUniversal

Michael Crawbuck
Stern Network, the online platform launched in June 2020, was a welcome resource for Crawbuck who was trying to find his way into the entertainment industry.  

How did Stern prepare you for your job as analyst in growth strategy at NBCUniversal? 
My Stern degree definitely prepared me for this role. Classes in strategy and exposure to the entertainment business through Stern programs and alumni connections were all helpful. During the pandemic, the Stern Coronavirus Response Fellowship connected students with the business community and paired me with an alumni mentor who works at NBC. Soon after, I started my career in the Page Program at NBC, a one-year rotational program for recent grads that gave me exposure to different teams before joining the strategy group full-time. 

How did Stern Network help you connect with alumni? 

The job I had lined up after graduation in the spring of 2020 was rescinded. So I needed to do a reset and figure out a new path. I was always interested in the entertainment industry, so I started using Stern Network to find alumni in that industry. Those conversations helped me better understand the roles I wanted to pursue. I eventually landed at NBCUniversal as a growth strategy analyst in ad sales. 
It was easy to find alumni through Stern Network who could help me learn more about the entertainment industry and different roles I was interested in. Those conversations put me on the right path and led me to my current role at NBCUniversal. 

What do you miss most about your time at Stern? 

I miss the community. I loved being in the building and seeing friends, going to events, planning events through clubs I was part of, like the LGTBQ+ business club, Pride Corp. I was on the Street Team and had been an orientation leader, so I knew a lot of friendly faces. Now I try to attend as many alumni events as I can. 

Best career advice you ever got?

If you want to make something happen, or want a change, just speak up and ask for it.  

Fun facts? What do you like to do in your free time? 

I’m a big foodie. I love eating out or inviting friends over for dinner. I also love immersive experiences and recently made homemade ice cream and toppings inspired by Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnights. I hosted a listening party for my friends and served “Midnight milk and cookies” ice cream along with toppings related to each song, such as “LavenderHaze whipped cream” and “Maroon velvet cake”. It was so fun! 


Crawbuck, a self-proclaimed foodie, with one of his homemade ice creams. 

Shows you are streaming?

I’ve been rewatching Heartstopper. I love the music on that show. And I recently watched all seasons of Stranger Things.  

Favorite places to eat out? 

For a special meal, I am a big fan of Gramercy Tavern. For ice cream, I go to Caffe Panna in the Gramercy area. And Double Chicken Please for cocktails and chicken sandwiches. Those are some of my faves. 

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