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Westchester Programs Reunion Celebration


​Online Registration has closed for this event. Alumni Walk-ins of the Manhattanville and SUNY Purchase Programs are welcome. *This event is limited to MBA graduates of the Manhattanville and SUNY Purchase Programs ONLY* 

*This event is limited to MBA graduates of the 
Manhattanville and Suny Purchase Programs ONLY

This celebration will be a great opportunity to connect with 
former classmates, fellow program alumni,
current students and favorite faculty members and administration.

Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres
Business Attire

Manhattanville Attendee List
Frank Adelman (MBA '99)
Lisa Angelastro (MBA '90)
Skip Auch (MBA '82)
Srini Chari (MBA '00)
Mike Falso (MBA '95)
Barbara Gregorich Lott (MBA '80) 
John Kaiser (MBA '03)
Daniel Klein (MBA '94)
Deborah Rubin (MBA '81)
Rich Napoli (MBA '88)
Victoria Petrock (MBA '94)
Joanna Schaffer (MBA '93)
Matthew Scudder (MBA '93)
John Troy (MBA '91)
Eric Twombly (MBA '99)

SUNY Purchase Attendee List
Hassan Ahmed (MBA '13)
Jason Angelico (MBA '21)
Joe Barbalaco (MBA '19)
Jack Barrett (MBA '21)
Liz Beller (MBA '14)
Nick Cevallos (MBA '21)
Lauren Chacho (MBA '17)
Iris Colon (MBA '14)
Clare Conlin (MBA '13)
Devin Dadigan (MBA '19)
Nicole Ederer (MBA '21)
Andrew Ferraro (MBA '22)
Mariel Fiori (MBA '12)
Marcia Friedkin (MBA '13)
Mike Genadri (MBA '12)
Megan Haufe (MBA '22)
Prem Itharat (MBA '11)
Xia Jiang (MBA '21)
Tim Koch  (MBA '21)
Danielle Padula (MBA '21)
Doug Paglia (MBA '21)
Craig Penn (MBA '20)
Jeffrey Lazarus (MBA '10)
Allan Mcdonnell (MBA '21)
Peter McSherry (MBA '18)
Victoria Michna (MBA '15)
Ravi Mundhe (MBA '10)
Doug Paglia (MBA' 21)
Steven Reuther (MBA '18)
Liz Rogers (MBA '19)
Scott Schreiber (MBA '20)
Dominick Sciame (MBA '21)
Matt Seitz (MBA '12)
Rajesh Seshadri (MBA '11)
Raffi Setrakian (MBA '21)
Craig Skiptunis (MBA '18)
Ania Slaski (MBA '11)
Helen Steinberg (MBA '13)
Bill Stoeffel (MBA '10)
Chad Stogel (MBA '18)
Andrew White (MBA '10)
Aya Youn (MBA '22)
Rui Zhang (MBA '14)
Susie Zhu (MBA '15)