Reunion Committees

NYU Stern Reunion 2019

Your Reunion Committees are helping make the weekend a dynamic experience and building fundraising support for the next generation of Stern students. 

Committee Roles & Responsibilities

As a member of your committee, plan to attend working meetings on campus and meet your fellow committee members.

Spring Meeting - March 2019

Encourage your classmates to register for Reunion and build excitement for the big weekend!

Committee Levels

The committee is comprised of three giving levels in recognition of your support for your class’s fundraising efforts.

Reunion Chairman

Demonstrate your leadership, as well as join our generous donor society with a multi-year pledge

Haskins Giving Society Chair

Join our generous donor society with a multi-year Haskins level pledge

Reunion Committee Member

A single gift, or multi-year pledge of the amount of your choice after September 1, 2018

If you are interested in getting involved with your class’s Reunion Committee, please let us know or call (212) 998-4161.

To learn more about the impact of Stern Alumni Reunion Committees, see highlights from the 2018 Reunion Committee VIP Reception and see photos below.

4.28.2018 Reunion 2018 VIP Reunion Committee Reception