NYU Stern Celebrates the Fertitta Veterans Program on Veterans Day

At a small gathering on November 11th, NYU Stern celebrated the establishment of the Fertitta Veterans Program, designed to support the transition to business school for U.S. military veterans and active duty students entering the full-time MBA program. Thanks to the generous $15 million endowment from alumnus Lorenzo Fertitta (MBA ‘93) and brother Frank J. Fertitta III, approximately 20 full-time MBA military students accepted to the program will receive scholarship support and participate in a six-week, six-credit summer term built to facilitate their transition to the academic community and kickstart their professional network.

The event brought together Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta and their family and guests; Dean Peter Henry, who publicly recognized them for their vision and support; Vice Dean Raghu Sundaram, who played a key role in developing the Fertitta Veterans Program; Stern students and alumni who are Military Veterans; and faculty and administrators.   

Military Veterans Club Co-presidents Todd Gardner and Bryan Coughlin shared what it means to them to be surrounded by a supportive environment as they make their transitions to civilian life.

“Stern values our background,” Gardner said, citing the supportive administrators and the broadened Yellow Ribbon Program as testaments to Stern’s dedication to veterans. He believes  the Fertitta Veterans Program tops it off, and finds that when he speaks with prospective students, his job is easy. “I can tell them there is no school more committed to veterans than Stern.”

Coughlin emphasized the importance of supporting military veterans in their endeavors after deployment, pointing to the Fertitta Veterans Program as an example of the type of support that enables veterans to channel their potential into their future. “As a country, we need to serve our service members. Vets need to rediscover a sense of purpose in the civilian sector, and the Fertitta Veterans Program can provide just that.”